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AE for 9/11 Truth Disproves Their Own Studies


Things have been slow around here at the New World Order lunchroom, but
the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, in their desperate attempt
to turn out new fundraising material, can always be counted on to
produce some new idiocy eventually.

Now they have decided to produce a serious of FAQs addressing questions people have regarding their crackpot theories, with the second asking:

FAQ # 2: What about the planes that slammed into the Twin Towers? Wouldn’t they have disturbed the demolition devices?

They then go on to argue that the collapse started in the location where
the aircraft did not have its major impact, ignoring the whole point
that the fires were the primary cause of the collapse, but that isn't
the major idiocy of this article, which comes to the conclusion, once
again on the magical properties of thermite:

Second, a demolition using advanced nanothermite material (which has been identified in the WTC dust) may help to explain why the fires started by the planes did not set off explosive devices. As noted by Dr. Steven Jones:

It is important to note that initiating the thermite reaction requires
temperatures well above those achieved by burning jet fuel or office
materials -- which is an advantage of using thermite charges over
conventional monomolecular explosives such as TNT, RDX and PETN. Below
is a photograph of an experiment performed by the author and colleagues
at BYU in which a sample of thermite was heated to orange-hot
temperature (about 1700 ºF). We demonstrated that the thermite reaction
would not ignite at this high temperature. Later, the thermite reaction
was triggered by burning a magnesium strip in contact with the thermite.
An electrical superthermite "match" could have been used and remotely
triggered via radio signal.

Now the truely ironic (and moronic) thing, is although they quote Steven
Jones from a Journal of 9/11 Studies paper from 2006 regarding the
ignition point of Thermite, they first link to the nanothermite paper
(authored by Jones and others) where they tested their alleged
nanothermite sample. That paper had this to say about the ignition
point of their "explosives":

3. Thermal Analysis using Differential Scanning Calorimetry

Red/gray chips were subjected to heating using a differential scanning
calorimeter (DSC). The data shown in Fig. (19) demonstrate that the
red/gray chips from different WTC samples all ignited in the range
415-435 ˚C

This of course is several hundred degrees below the ignition point of
Thermite cited above (1700 F = 927C), and well within the temperatures
produced within a normal office fire, so their own experiment either
disproves the conclusions of the article itself, or their assertion that
this was Thermite, or in fact... both assertions.

H/T to NoahFence on the JREF forum for pointing out this latest bit of idiocy.

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