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all the hardcore socialist and assadist,s and shia here foaming at the mouth
and beating their chests going on and on about the dreaded S-300 missiles
the real reason why putin was foaming at the mouth with temper over libya
and now syria which no one seems to understand is or notice is the same
reason the russians and putin do their best to protect weapons sales.

The russians in 1991 got to see what nato and the western army,s could
do in iraq the last time the russian and western equipment faced off against
each other was from 1950 - 1953 even then the west was far ahead then from
1963 - 1973 the russians again were even more shocked at how far ahead
the west was every decade russian and western equipment would face off
with the west always ahead in every department.

Then the end finally came for the russian after 17 years in 1991 it is well
know that saddam was being propped up by the russians with their war planers
thinking in moscow that it will be just like the wars for the last 40 years yes
the west and nato is ahead of us but not that far if we can get a draw or
something like close to korea we will be happy saddam has 5 times as
many tanks as the arabs and nato and half of them and our latest T-72 only
19 years old and 170 T-80 only 11 years old we armed him with 350 MIG-21
MIG-23 MIG-25 MIG-29 also SU-24 SU-25 he should be able to give them a
real fight he has our best stuff.

well we all know how that fight turned out dont we mr putin was stationed in germany
that time as KGB he and his KGB criminal buddy were shuck to their core very soon
after that mr putin got another shock the entire rotton empire came crashing down
thanks to the muslims and the americans ever since putin has swore revenge on both
now you can understand why the russians keep disputing the syrian death numbers
and when entire towns and villages are wiped out by assad and the iranians they
say well their was terrorists in the town.

The russians and putin know they are no match for the americans and the west putin
has done all in his power to convince the russians that nato is coming to get them
that if your kids are bold nato will come and take them away and that he and his
gang of criminals can only save them then came the uprisings in the middle east
the russians never forgot iraq in 1991 and how 60 years of russian weaponry came
to an end in the blink of and eye russian tank turrets blown 25 feet into the air bradley
AFV with 25mm cannon firing APDS destroying 2 million doller tanks russian tank
shells bouncing off american and british tanks SA-6 / SA-8/ SA-9 anti-aircraft missiles
destroyed on the ground without firing the same shit the russians are trying to flog today
with a few tweaks here and there to third world nations.

then as if to rub salt into the wounds then came libya in 2011 and the no fly zone
once and the entire world would see russian weaponry exposed just like 1991
contract after contract canceled after seeing how bad russian weapons really are
and how poorly they done against western equipment now you can see why putin
is not to happy to see another no fly zone dont you libya was like a nato airshow
only using russian equipment for targets but once again mr putin and his KGB
buddies are making that fatal mistake like they did in 1991 with saddam telling
assad and the iranians dont worry our latest and best S-300 will protect you
putin is betting on his S-300 thinking that well our stuff in libya was 20-30 years
old this is our very best and latest equipment putin just doesn't seem to learn.

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