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High school teachers illegaly refused to allow atheist group to form

You want to know how tough some high school atheists have it? Check out this story JT Eberhard recently dealt with as the Secular Student Alliance’s high school specialist:

He recently got an anonymous letter from a high school teacher who saw the SSA’s Educator’s Brochure (PDF) and felt the need to correct it and save children from eternal damnation.

This person said that an atheist group had tried to form at his school but they faced an obstacle:

"As educators we are dedicated to conveying the truth to students… They should not feel the need for a safe haven... We are not, however, obligated to protect those who choose to be deviants in society."

Not only did this teacher not want to create a safe haven
for atheist students at his school, he admits that the club they wanted
to start couldn’t get off the ground because they couldn’t find a
sponsor.That’s illegal. In short, if you can’t get a sponsor for
an otherwise legal club, the school must assign you one. In other
words, yes, he is “obligated to protect” them.So what did JT do? A little bit of sleuthing, courtesy of Google. Followed by a letter to the “anonymous” man’s principal You can read the rest of what JT wrote to the principal here. If the school doesn’t want to respond, we can alert our lawyer friends to take some legal action on them.

is a case they will lose — and the SSA found out about it because one
teacher wanted to brag about the fact that his employers wouldn’t allow
an atheist group to form at his school.It’s really sad that we have to keep fighting these battles, but that’s
what young atheists are up against. Thankfully, the SSA can put a stop
to it. Please donate so these types of incidents don’t go unchallenged.

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