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Foreign woman dare to curse Chinese for not helping injuried in the street

She yelled "fuck you Chinese" at the people watching around after an old man fell the ground. In China there have been many cases in which innocent people helping injured got sued and paid big money.

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People's Daily Network, August 10 (Reporter Li leaf) Liberation Daily reporter released Zhu morning, microblogging eight o'clock this morning in Shanghai Huaihai West Road, Xinhua Road, an old man lying on the ground, sweating blood, watching passers-byone dares to help, lead to cycling through a foreign woman yells.

Onlookers to call 120 to get the answer but there is no car not to deploy, no one dared stepped forward to lift the elderly. These foreign women use Cashmere towel pad under the old head, looking at the blood on the ground crying out money to the side of the onlookers, said to help turn in medical expenses. About half an hour, the ambulance came to the old man to the vicinity of the 455 hospitals.

According to Chen Zhu introduced the afternoon, the fall of the elderly surname money, 87 years old. She was diagnosed with mild cerebral infarction cause dizziness lead to the fall of head trauma, the elderly conscious does not matter.

Liberation Daily reporter @ orange Zhu: 8:00 am this morning Huaihai West Road, Xinhua Road, an old man lying on the ground sweating blood. Onlookers to call 120 answer: no car, waiting for it. A foreign woman after accusing: Fuck you Chinese, you should the call ambulance! The first one to help him up is a foreigner, looking at the blood on the ground crying ... Half an hour later, the ambulance finally came.

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