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We left Islam:

(a few syllabuses)

"We have renounce!"

"Freedom of religion and opinion are the fundamental human rights,
which are not afford enough in countries with islamic legal system."

"Within the muslim denomination, the apostasy of their believe,
it is saw as a deadly sin, and it will be according punnished."

"Regrettably, the apostasy of the Muslim believe, it is also a taboo in Germany."

"That it exist "Ex-Muslims" actually in a appreciable number,
that has in this country only marginal get around (not so well-known)."

"Sapere aude!"

"Have the courage to activate (or operate or run) your O W N brain (or intellect or sanity)"

"This old motte (or slogan) of reconnoitring (or intelligence) should taken to the heart
by every human, equal which culture they emanate."

"Against the wrong tolerance!"

General statement of human rights:

Article 18

'Every human has a claim on freedom in mind, conscience and religion.'

'This right enfolded the freedom to change his religion or his belief,
as well as the freedom to evince (or manifes) his religion or belief,
alone or in alliance with other publicity, or private through teachings,
exercise worships and the execution of rites.'

Article 19

'Every human has the right on freedom of opinion and expression.'

Article 20

'Every human has the right on freedom of meetings and federation to peaceful aims'

Nobody shoud be forced to be member of a association (or coalition)!

We require:

The forceful separation (or disestablishment) of religion and state ...

... the wish to a "Sharia" gender-segregation may in no case comply ...

... religious law should never be over worldly law (e. g. ban of shehitah) ...


* Honor killings
* Female genital mutilation
* Stoning
* Execution
* Torture

... The "cuddle-diplomacy" with ambassadors of theocratic systems have to be stoped.

The "aggressive being offended" that every form of Islam critic nip it in the bud
mustn't be tolerated any longer ...

... Because the Islam, in his consequent form, clashes with diverse articles
of the German Basic Constitutional Law, it C A N N O T claim against the full protection
of the Basic Constitutional Law for itself.

We appeal the democratic public to defend the achievement of the modern spirit
and to confront offensive the strategy of Islamization on all levels.


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Added: May-1-2008 
By: stephanie5
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