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Ron Paul "Victorious" in Louisiana Caucus

Ron Paul beats out all other Republican nominees for president in yesterday's Louisiana Caucus.

The unofficial results of over 10,000 individuals participating in the 2008 Louisiana Caucus are in and the winner is... RON PAUL !!! Garnering more votes than any other candidate, Ron Paul gathers a strong boost of momentum heading into the Florida and Super Tuesday primaries. This momentum comes atop another solid $2 million fundraising effort on Martin Luther King Jr. Day leaving Paul with enough money and support to challenge the more publicized front runners. Dr. Paul's platform can be viewed here:

Mitt Romney scored a respectable second place. John McCain, Mike Huckabee, and Rudy Guliani were unable to win a single delegate. A large number of voters were also uncommitted at this late stage in the process. The official press release of the Louisiana GOP office is quoted below:

On Tuesday night, approximately ten thousand Louisiana Republicans caucused in 11 different cities across the state. Those attending the caucuses cast their vote for 15 delegates and 15 alternates to represent their congressional district at the 2008 Louisiana Republican Convention. Results were tallied on site late into the night and then reported to Republican Party Headquarters in Baton Rouge. Of the thousands of ballots cast, approximately 650 were cast provisionally.

Before these provisional ballots are counted, LAGOP staff must verify that the voter was a registered Republican voter in his or her congressional district as of November 30, 2007. The counting of provisional ballots in the 3rd and 7th Congressional districts is not needed to verify the results as the margin of victory for all winning candidates is larger than the number of provisional ballots casts. For the other five Congressional districts, Republican Party staff members will begin the process of verifying the results through each parish's registrar of voter's office. Once that process is complete, the Secretary of the Republican of Louisiana will certify the official results.

Source: Nolan Chart

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