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I hate it when someone calls me out without facts.

The Cold War Ended , Hence it was won!

1975 April 17 : North Vietnam defeats South Vietnam which falls to Communist forces
1976 February: Soviet and Cuban forces help to install Communist government in Angola.
1979 January: U.S. and China establish diplomatic relations.
July : SALT II signed

November : Shah of Iran overthrown; Iranian Hostage Crisis
December: Soviet forces invade Afghanistan

1980 August: Polish shipyard workers strike Solidarity Union formed. Strike leader Lech Walesa is elected as the head of Solidarity

1983 President Reagan proposes Strategic Defence Initiative

1983: October : U.S. troops invades and overthrows regime in Grenada

1985 Mikhail Gorbachev becomes leader of the Soviet Union initiating a campaign of openness called "glasnost" and restructuring called "perestroika"

1986 October : President Reagan and Gorbachev resolve to remove all intermediate nuclear missiles from Europe

1987 October : Reagan and Gorbachev agree to remove all medium and short-range nuclear missiles
1989 January : Soviet troops withdraw from Afghanistan

June : Poland becomes independent

September : Hungary becomes independent

November : Berlin Wall is demolished and East Germany allows unrestricted migration to West Germany

December : Communist governments fall in Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, and Rumania
Decline of the Soviet empire

1990 March : Lithuania becomes independent

May 29 : Boris Yeltsin elected as President of Russia

October 3 : Germany reunited

1991 August : End of Soviet Union and the Cold War Ends

FYI Ilovepickle guy, I started the time line when I joined the Army. I lived through the idiot carter reign and the gas lines , remember those good times?

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