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Happening Now! Hosted Chat: The Death Penalty. In LL Chat.

The Death Penalty: Tonight 7:00pm EST (12am GMT).

Yes, it's also a bit of a grim one but none the less a subject that seems to split the common opinion in more ways than one. We'll not only be focusing on the death penalty itself but also reflecting on its effectiveness, the point of such a penalty, and even the methodology and mechanics of it.

If you'd like to join in this hosted chat simply make sure you are logged into your LiveLeak account then hit the CHAT button on the lower nav bar. This will take you to our chat landing page where you can enter a room of your choosing. Once you are in chat you will see the Hosted Chat room where this will be taking place.

About our hosted chats. One member described the last like a radio talk show where you could chat via a "message board" at the same time. We try to make sure as many people as possible get their thoughts aired either on mic or via having their question / point read out. We do have some very simple rules for our hosted chats to ensure things don't degenerate into madness. They are:

1) When you get in to the room do NOT simply jump on your mic. If you wish to make a point on Mic then send a PM to either the host (myself in this instance) or any mod in the room and you will be called to the mic when it's your turn.

2) If you have a point you'd like to make via text because you either don't have a mic or you're uncomfortable speaking then simply send it via PM to the host and it will be addressed. Don't get annoyed if it takes a while though, the private messages tend to fly in at an alarming rate.

Apart from that normal LiveLeak rules apply. The last two hosted chats have been both interesting and entertaining so I hope you guys can join us for this next one. Also I'm always interested in hearing about any topics you'd like to see raised in a hosted chat so if you have any ideas please send me a private message here through the main site.

See you tonight!

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By: LL_Hayden
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