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Gangland: Tongan Crip Gang, TCG. Salt Lake City, Utah.

Tongan families moved from Tonga to the Los Angeles area in the 1970s and some Tongan youth joined gangs.
In the Lennox/Inglewood area of California, some Tongan youth initially joined a predominately Black gang called the Raymond Avenue Crips.
Some Tongan kids wanted their own identity and started the Tongan Crip Gang (TCG). In Seattle/King County, WA, some Tongans claim TCG and some belong to the
Tongan Crip Family (TCF). The Salt Lake City and West Valley, Utah, area also has a lot of Tongan gangs, especially stronghold in the Rose Park and Glendale
areas on Salt Lake City's west side. There are TCG members in northern and southern California, Hawaii, Utah, and Nevada.

Other Pacific Islander groups involved in gang activity may include Filipino gangs.
Filipino gangs have been around as long since at least the 50s and probably since WW II when Filipinos started having more contact with Americans.
In L.A.'s Rampart District, the Temple Street gang, now a SUR13 gang was once dominated by Filipinos.
Virtually every Filipino gang in Los Angeles today has Latino members and in many Mexican-American gangs in L.A. there is at least one Filipino member.
Some of the first gangs Filipino gangs in Los Angeles were Temple Street (OLD SCHOOL), Bahala Na Gang (BNG), Tropa Ocho (TRP 8), Santanas (STS),
and Sige Sige Commandoes (SSC) some of whom were former soldiers in the Philippines and wear greatly feared for their military training.
In the early 1980's a war broke out between 18 Street and STS/SSC. There was also a feud between Avenues 13 vs. Santanas.
A few other gangs born within the Santanas umbrella would later became enemies with them like Mabuhay Pinoy 13 (MP13).
Pinoy Real (PR) is also active in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Federal Case Archive (FBI):
While previous state and federal prosecutions have held some individual members of TCG accountable for their crimes,
many gang members have continued in an escalating and alarming pattern of violence," U.S. Attorney David B. Barlow said.
"It was time to make a federal case out of this serious conduct. The prosecution conducted over the last several weeks targeted the gang as a
criminal organization and documented the criminal activity TCG members were perpetrating in Utah communities. While we likely haven't
heard the last of TCG, we are confident these convictions will have a significant impact on this gang."

"The FBI's objective is to make the streets of Salt Lake City safer, and this verdict is an important step in that
ongoing commitment to the community. With the assistance of our law enforcement partners, we proved the defendants conspired
as gang members to commit violent crimes and terrorize innocent people. I am confident this case is an example of what lies
ahead for gang members in Utah; stiff criminal penalties and the prospect of years in prison,"
FBI Special Agent in Charge
David J. Johnson


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