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OWS International reactions
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    [*] Brazil President Dilma Rousseff
    said, "We agree with some of the expressions that some movements have
    used around the world [in] demonstrations like the ones we see in the US
    and other countries."[/*]

    [*] Canada Prime Minister Stephen Harper said that because there was nothing like a Canadian TARP program, he did not think Canadians were as angry as Americans.[181] Finance Minister Jim Flaherty expressed sympathy with the protests, citing high unemployment amongst the youth.[/*]

    [*] China The Chinese state news agency Xinhua
    said the protests had exposed "fundamental problems" with the US
    economic and political systems, and that it showed "a clear need for
    Washington, which habitually rushes to demand other governments to
    change when there are popular protests in their countries, to put its
    own house in order."[/*]

    [*] Greece Prime Minister George Papandreou
    supported the U.S. protests saying, "We fight for changing the global
    economic system, like many anti-Wall Street citizens who rightly protest
    against the inequalities and injustices of the system."[/*]

    [*] India Prime Minister Manmohan Singh
    stated, "There are reasons why people are protesting. People are
    protesting in Wall Street, in Europe about the fat salaries that the
    bankers are getting when people are being asked to tighten their belts.
    There is problem of growing unemployment in the United States. There is
    also worry in Europe. So there are problems which the system must have
    credible answers to take them on board."[/*]

    [*] Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei commented that the protests are because a "corrupt foundation has been exposed to the American people."[/*]

    [*] North Korea The Korean Central News Agency
    of DPRK commented that the Occupy Wall Street movement were "in protest
    against exploitation and oppression by capital, shaking all fabrics of

    [*] Russia Former Premier Mikhail Gorbachev compared it to the perestroika
    period and the collapse of a superpower, calling the protests
    justified. He said Americans should put their own house in order before
    attempting to do such with other countries.[/*]

    [*] Venezuela Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez condemned the "horrible repression" of the Occupy Wall Street activists and expressed solidarity with the movement.[/*]
I guess all the world leaders are liberal hippies...

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