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Romney Billboard Removed After Complaints

"A billboard depicting Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney in an advertisement for a marital affairs website has been pulled down from its perch in South Boston—less than a day after it went up—and the website’s owner isn’t happy about it.

“Apparently I put up an ad not in America, but in some country where freedom of expression isn’t tolerated very well; especially when it comes to the political scene,” said Noel Biderman, founder of

Ashley Madison describes itself as the world’s leading extra-marital affairs online dating site, with over 15 million members around the globe.

The billboard that was erected and then abruptly removed read: “If Cheating On Your Taxes Is OK, So Is…,” and was garnished with a photo of Romney holding his index finger over his lips saying “Shhh.”

The tagline, “Life is short, have an affair,” was written below the billboard’s main message.

The company chose Boston for strategic reasons, they said, since Romney used to govern the state.

Biderman said the word “cheating” is “open to interpretation” and he saw the ad as a good chance to knock the former Massachusetts Governor’s political practices.

“Not everyone has the resources to hire tax advisers to avoid paying their fair share of taxes,” he said. “Someone who wants to dedicate his life to public service, while wonderful, at the same time, to avoid [paying taxes] is a very strange dichotomy.”

He said Romney’s aversion to paying his fair share proves he’ll have “no problem cheating on the American people.”

According to a press release from the company, the billboard followed a $1 million bid from Larry Flynt for damaging information regarding Romney’s “unreleased tax returns and details of his offshore accounts.”

Biderman hopes the billboard will bring even more attention to Romney’s “shady dealings and hidden assets” prior to the November election, however, right now he is concentrating on getting the ad back up on Dorchester Avenue and in plain view of the public.

“We already paid for it…I don’t roll over. Of course I am going to fight this,” he said. “I am no one’s kick-boxing dummy. Explain to me on what grounds you are taking this down.”

He said he isn’t surprised that someone didn’t agree with the sign, but he is “running a legal business.”

“I’m not shocked. I am distressed. I am distressed that publishers and broadcasters feel the need to dictate what products humans can and cannot see when that’s not their role in society,” said Biderman. “It may not be for everyone—while some people do end up having affairs in their lives—but the point is the business is 100 percent legal. To have to face this kind of suppression doesn’t make any sense.”

The company said the billboard space’s owner took down the Romney ad “after many complaints.”"

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