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MIT game slows down the speed of light

.[ Nov.14, 2012]

Running around and shooting people wasn't exciting enough for the guys over at MIT gamelab. instead, they came up with a game that distills general relativity into an oddball adventure about a spirit who must slow the speed of light to reach the afterlife , respectively titled "A Slower Speed of Light".

This experimental game functions equally well as a kind of interactive learning aid. yours truly has takena time out from his busy video hunting endeavors in order to try it out. i guess i would call it an intriguing activity for around 10 minutes. alas, i suspect frequent games might require the assistance of certain sorts, erm, 'mind expanding aids'.

The core concept should be familiar if you paid attention in physics class: since time and space are relative, weird things happen when you approach the speed of light.

The first thing you'll notice is Doppler effect, which causes objects moving away from you to shift to the red end of the spectrum, and those moving towards you to shift blue, due to the compression and expansion of the light's wavelengths (the same principle occurs with sound when a speeding ambulance passes by).

Get even closer to light speed and far more bizarre effects come into play, like time dilation (your experienced time differs from that of slower objects and people around you) and Lorentz Transformations (the distance between objects appears differently at relativistic speeds).

The game is free for download here [MIT Game Lab]

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