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Critical Thinking 101: reporter admits the obvious/RPG's same as gun mags in AZ?

And how amazing it still is to see so many pro gun flaming liberals: while Conservatives protect their 2A: like parasites ride the wave of freedoms Conservatives have fought so hard for politically, in the home, on the streets, on the campuses, etc. The hypocrisy never ends.


"If the ammunition magazines were limited to ten rounds, it would force the shooter to stop to re-load earlier".

OOhh, so that's why cops don't voluntarily limit themselves to 10, and why civilians don't voluntarily purchase them outside of calipornia...higher chance of death (good reason) and multi attacker takedown.

"If the suspect is someone who's not very experienced, it could conceivably take him or her several seconds to be ready to fire again, maybe even giving someone else the opportunity during the pause to intervene."

So, our Constitution and G-d given Rights for 308 million people are reduced to a drug addled felon's "inexperience" and "concievably" at that...

"There's a different argument against banning the legal sale of high capacity magazines.

Lawbreakers oftentimes don't go to stores to purchase guns and ammo anyway.

Last year, the Fort Wayne Police Department arrested 106 people for possession of a handgun without a license.
It’s hard to say how many others are packing heat but shouldn't be."

Yes, high cap mags have no serial numbers for tracing, to prevent "transfer" as mentioned in mccarthy's bill, and if they did would be removed with a file..not to mention home made versions which can't be 'traced' by known historical productions numbers/dates/manufacturers, etc.


Rocket Propelled Grenades Same as Gun Ammo Magazines?

20 Democrats in Arizona have signed on as Sponsors for HB 2711 which if passed and signed into law would lump people caught with unauthorized Rocket Propelled Grenades in the same boat as those caught holding magazines with capacities greater than 10 rounds of ammunition! Unbelievable.
Essentially, this group of sponsors wish to add so-called "large capacity ammunition feeding device" to a list of items that are called "prohibited weapons" which in Arizona currently includes bombs, RPGs, grenades, and other items. They wish to define their so-called "large capacity ammunition feeding device" essentially as any magazine, drum, or strip which either can handle or could be modified to handle more than ten rounds of ammunition. Perhaps someone should explain to them that magazines are not weapons? Or is that simply beyond their ability to grasp?
If this particular group of Democrats can't grasp the simple fact that a crazy terrorist who is willing to break laws that prohibit shooting people would probably not hesitate to break a ban against so-called "large capacity ammunition feeding devices," how in the world could we expect them to grasp something as difficult to comprehend as what the definition of a weapon is? For any of the twenty who happen to know how to read, here is the definition of what a weapon is just for you. Let me know if you would like me to read it for you, I can read it slowly if you would like:
Weapon: "any instrument or device for use in attack or defense in combat, fighting, or war, as a sword, rifle, or cannon." - so essentially, the only way a magazine by itself could really be used as a weapon, would be if I beat someone over the head with it. Somewhat effective at close range, but not optimal in most situations. A baseball bat would be more effective as a weapon than a so-called large capacity ammunition feeding device, but I certainly hope they don't plan to ban those next!
If signed into law this bad legislation could surprise any average law abiding citizen with a Class 4 Felony simply because they happen to be caught carrying a standard Glock 17 and a few standard capacity 17 round magazines on their person - the very same magazine used by many Police departments all around the US.
I am SO VERY GLAD that our legislature is not in the hands of the 20 Democrats who signed onto this bill, and I am going to e-mail each and every one of them to tell them exactly what I think about the legislation they so happily signed their names to.


4 Walmart employees fired after disarming gunman caught shopliftingFebruary 9th, 2011 @ 10:00pmBy Andrew Adams

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