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Chinese Party Official took kickbacks to finance his dream of 800 lovers

A Chinese official who set out to bed 800 women has become the latest Communist Party mandarin to face disgrace and possible jail because of his sexual adventures.

The middle-ranking official from a commercial department in the city of Anqing, Anhui province, central China, is accused of taking bribes to finance his exploits.

Identified only by the pseudonym Wang Cheng, his affairs came to light last month after his wife found diaries in which he recounted in minute detail his search for sex, his conquests and the bribes that he had raked in to pay for them.

Mr Wang, 47, rose quickly through the bureaucracy from a rural county job to a more powerful role in the city. The local Xin’an Evening News said that he seemed to be enjoying an ideal life with a successful career, a child at university and a wife who was working in a similar department.

His downfall came when he began to stay late at the office. Then he told his wife that he had to go out in the evening for social engagements. When he began to spend the whole night away from home she became suspicious.

On a visit to her parents-in-law last month she found an IOU slip for 660,000 yuan (£63,600) written out to Mr Wang from a woman she did not know, along with several of her husband’s diaries and computer discs.

In the diaries she found detailed accounts of her husband’s sexual escapades. He had also made video recordings of his trysts. His wife confided in a friend, who reported Mr Wang to the authorities.

On March 21 Mr Wang was detained at his office and taken for questioning. Faced with so much evidence, written in his own hand, he quickly confessed, the newspaper said. He told investigators that local businessmen gave him money in return for his using his power to help them. He admitted buying numerous properties with the bribes, as well as paying women.

His diaries showed that since 2003 he had mapped out targets for this supplementary income to pay for his conquests. In 2003, he wrote, his monthly salary was 1,600 yuan and he planned to supplement this with 8,000 yuan a month in extracurricular funds, with a goal of amassing 100,000 yuan a year.

“He was busy eight hours a day seeking bribes and eight hours a day as a hooligan seeking sex,” the report quoted a prosecutor as saying.

On the first page of his diary Mr Wang wrote: “In 2003 I want to have sex with at least 56 women and keep two mistresses from respectable families.”

He more than fulfilled his goals. Three diaries showed that he had sex with about 500 women — although he fell short of his ultimate aim of “between 600 and 800 women”.

China has introduced regulations since 1988 to deter officials from taking a mistress, but these have failed to curb abuses by government servants.

Last month an official was sacked and arrested after his diary detailing sexual exploits and bribery was splashed across the internet.

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