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Israel threatens Iran with war

Israel hints at a possible military strike to halt Iran's nuclear program, claiming that it is 'the strongest country' in the Mideast.

In a speech on Thursday, Israeli war minister, Ehud Barak said, "Israel has proved in the past it is not afraid to take action when its vital security interests are at stake."

His comment came after Iran successfully test-fired its new long and medium range missiles in the Persian Gulf during a maneuver aimed at improving its preparations against possible attack after recent war rhetoric by the US and Israel over Tehran's nuclear sites.

However, Barak did say that Israel currently favors the use of diplomatic pressure and sanctions against Iran's nuclear program.

Israel, believed to have around 200 atomic warheads, accuses Tehran of developing nuclear weapons. Under US pressure, the UN Security Council has intervened in Iran's nuclear case and has so far slapped three rounds of sanctions on Tehran.

Some 240 nuclear inspections of Iran's nuclear facilities, however, have resulted in the publication of the most recent UN nuclear watchdog report conceding that there is no link between the alleged 'study of weaponization' attributed to Tehran by Western countries.

Last month, in a speech in Washington, Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert also said that the Islamic Republic threat must be stopped by all possible means.

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