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Beck, Bellavia & Spalding Discuss Americorps & The Civil National Security Force

Continuing the discussion on the Civilian National Security Force Obama wants to build, guests David Bellavia, author of "House to House" and an Iraq war vet, and Matt Spalding of the Heritage foundation, were on to discuss and ponder the need of a civilian security force and just who they would be "fighting." Bellavia has an interesting comparison (not equivalence) between a group loyal to the State and not the country or the people, that Saddam's Fedayeen were for his rule in Iraq. The parallels are striking, and only a military person could understand it.

Why would Obama want a civilian force just as powerful and as well-funded as the U.S. Military to protect our "national security?" From enemies foreign or domestic? And who decides for this group (presumably AmeriCorps as the umbrella organization) who they're going to fight to defend our national security?

More questions than answers, and we need more answers. STAND UP! Ask questions, and don't give up until you get an answer.

As a final point of clarity, Glenn does get it wrong with AmeriCorps government funding of a $500B, but he does point out that he needs to check that and get the correct amount, as he does later in the show (not in this clip). It's actually $5B, but before you say "wow, that's a huge difference for Beck to screw up," let me say two things:

1) Beck corrected himself, not because he was called on it, but because he wanted to be exact; and
2) Since when in hell did $5B become an inconsequential amount? Oh, yeah...ever since $1 trillion became so trivialized to the point we're all numb to it.

$5B is a lot to a "community organizer" group, and I'd like to see justification for that expenditure of OUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS!!!!

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