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Beast of Gevaudan ( man-eating wolf-like animal )

In the Margeride Mountains in south-central France from 1764 to 1767 nearly 200 attacks from the Beast occured. In this region where most of people were peasants , childs and women used to keep herds because people knew that wolves don't attack human, just try sometimes to catch an animal from the herd.
They were peasants but they were not stupid, every people could recognize a wolf, such as a dog or a bear but among the eyewitnesses and the survivors no one were able to say from which species the beast was ( not even the naturalist who saw the Beast corpse ).
Witnesses said that the howl of the beast was really different from the howl of a wolf.
Furthermore the beast doesn't act like an animal , the beast kill for pleasure not because it was hangry ( indeed the corpses were not eaten at all ,or just entrails and thigh, some of the victims had been raped ), sometimes instead of attack an animal from the flock, the beast clear a path across the entire flock in order to attack the sheperd.
A day ,during a beat, the beast was running away from the hunters when suddently it stop, turn back and kill three hunters before manage to escape.

Even nowadays nobody know the truth.

If it was a serial killer how explain the strange animal that eyewitnesses saw ?
If it was just an animal how explain that some of the victims had been raped ?
May be it was an animal trained by a man.
Is it a big wolf , a hyena or something else ?

Is it a werewolf ?

For the complete history

There is an old French legend about some people called " meneurs de loups " ( wolves leader ) , a " meneur de loups " is a man with a wolf-like face ( a long face with yellow eyes ) who travel during nights in the company of wolves across little towns and knock at the door of houses in order to claim food for him and his wolves and if people refuse to give him some food, something terrible will happen to them.

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