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Sen. Grassley Releases Smoking Gun ATF Trace Data: ATF/DOJ delayed trace=coverup.

Jaime Avila bought the "target" guns of the anti's (Brady campaign, Ceasefire, VPC)... .50bmg, AK's, the eevil "armor piercing" FN pistol (proven untrue), etc.

Gunwalker Scandal Blows Up. Senator Grassley Releases Smoking Gun ATF Trace Data

Holy frijoles, there is it in black and white: the ATF traces on the guns used to murder Customs and Border Protection Agent Brian Terry. They reveal unequivocally that the ATF met the enemy and it was them. Click here for the actual trace data report sheets and Senator Grassley’s response to the ATF and Department of Justice’s stonewalling. Even for those of us who’ve been following this story, Senator Grassley’s letter is, well, shocking. “The ATF had been tracking [suspected murderer Jaime] Avila’s firearms purchases because Avila was a suspected trafficker since at least November 2009. According to whistleblowers, at least one gun dealer wanted to stop participating in sales like those to Avila sometime around October 2009. However . . .

the ATF allegedly encouraged the dealer to continue selling to suspected traffickers and asked the dealer to forward information about the sale to the Bureau . . .
In addition to these specific weapons, the indictment of Avila and others references approximately 769 firearms. Of those, the indictment refers to the recovery of only about 103 weapons. So, where are theother approximately 666 weapons referenced in the indictment?
I’d point out how spooky that number is, but the truth is that the ATF-enabled weapons have been used—will be used—to murder innocent people. Grassley’s letter slams the DOJ for stonewalling and accusing the Senator of politicking. It concludes with an email from Agent Terry’s mother, which I will publish separately.
Some data points from the docs.
- The guns recovered from the crime scene, the weapons used to kill Agent Terry were two of three WASR-10s sold by Arizona’s Lone Wolf Trading gun dealer to one Jaime Avila. [page 16]
- Avila also purchased five FN FiveseveN pistols from Lone Wolf on one occasion [page 5] and further three pistols on another [page 9]
- Avila also purchased two .50 caliber Barrett rifles, sold by Scottsdale Gun Club. If I may say, holy shit. [page 18]
- The inclusion of two documents indicating delayed trace request—issued by the ATF to the Department of Justice—suggests that the ATF initially engaged in a cover-up of the murder weapons’ source. [page 23]


ATF Whistleblowers to Senator Grassley: "Welcome to the party, pal!" But remember, the fight against this evil is an open invitation to YOU as well.

After the DOJ stonewall letter the other day, ATF agent "Jumper," posting on, wrote this:

Senator Grassley is getting a taste of what it is like trying to seek truth and justice from DOJ and ATF.

Lets pretend that you are not one of the most powerful members of the Senate. Lets pretend that you are not holding the purse strings to the agency you are inquiring about.

Lets pretend that you are a lowly ATF Agent who has been subjected to retaliation, whistleblower reprisals and a hostile work environment. Lets pretend that you are trying to accomplish the same objective - truth and justice - without the oversight and authority of Congress as your influence.

How do you think that Agent fares? If they can stone wall a 20+ year U.S. Senator then the employees of this bureau stand no chance.

Senator Grassley, welcome to our world.

That was then. What a difference a couple of days and a letter makes. When the anonymous source provided David Codrea with Senator Grassley's reply to Eric Holder containing the "Rosetta Stone" documents, the agents whose careers and liberty have been hanging out there, twisting in wind, suddenly found an ally whose determination seems to equal theirs.

I don't know what Eric Holder intended by having his minion write that insulting letter to Grassley, but I rather suspect that he wasn't expecting what he got. Indeed, it reminded me of these lines from Braveheart:

William Wallace: I said I have an offer for you.

Lochlan: You disrespect a banner of truce?

Wallace: From his king? Absolutely. Here are Scotland's terms. Lower your flags, and march straight back to England, stopping at every home you pass by to beg forgiveness for 100 years of theft, rape, and murder. Do that and your men shall live. Do it not, and every one of you will die today.

Cheltham: [laughing] You are outmatched. You have no heavy cavalry. In two centuries no army has won without--.

Wallace: I'm not finished. Before we let you leave, your commander must cross that field, present himself before this army, put his head between his legs, and kiss his own arse.

[Cheltham rides off]

Mornay: I'd say that was rather less cordial than he was used to.

Well, like my Grandpa Vanderboegh used to say, "Son, you don't poke a wolverine with a sharp stick unless your want your balls ripped off."

Senator Grassley just figuratively handed Eric Holder his testicles. With this letter, the Project Gunwalker scandal can no longer be minimized, marginalized or doubted.

It must be dealt with.

Now, what happens is entirely in your hands. Senator Grassley is no angel. When poked, he has come out growling and snapping, but understand that this is just the first round. The White House is now fully aroused to the danger that the Project Gunwalker scandal poses to its agenda. The Great Eye of Mordor turns, and all the dirty tricks of a corrupt system will be used in its defense.

If the system is to work at all, YOU must make it work. I have written about one way you can help, but there are others. We must arrange a venue where we can get these cover-up artists under oath, where non-denial denials do not avail.

You must agitate, you must demand the truth -- from the press and from your Congresscritters. Call the talk shows. Post on the blogs. Get the word out. You must demand from all those who claim to represent American firearm owners -- and here I'm obviously thinking of the NRA, because Larry Pratt and Gun Owners of America have been helping us out with advice and contacts behind the scene since the beginning -- to burn up some of their bragged-about political capital. Use the weapons of truth that the whistleblower agents through the good offices of Senator Grassley have provided you -- the letters and documents -- and spread them far and wide coupled with the demand that both houses of Congress open ATF oversight hearings NOW.

There have not been serious ATF oversight hearings since Orrin Hatch's in 1982. Past time, wouldn't you say, for another?

You cannot sit on the sidelines and watch, expecting justice and truth to come rolling down without effort. You must demand it. You must jump into the fray, swinging.

Welcome to the party, pal.

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