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FAT Tax coming to your state next?

Alabama's fat tax
I have always thought that the Tobacco and Trans Fat issues were just a money grab for lawyers so they could donate some of the money back to the politicians, under the guise of “We care about YOU!”
Now it is showing the true colors of being just another money grab for the Government, the guise of “we care about YOU!” They have cut the lawyers out of the deal.
Since Hillary Care is dead and Obama Care is not a lock, The Alabama state government has decided it has to do something about it now. In the way typical of governments everywhere, it came up with an idea to encourage weight loss - and make some dough in the process. A fat tax.
If the obese members of the state's 37,527-employee work force don't lighten up in a year, they'll be charged $25 per month to help pay for their health insurance.
This is result of the slippery slope of Government controlled Medical Insurance.
Here are a few examples of activities that should also be banned, or make the participant pay extra, to avoid excess health insurance costs:

OK what activities can you think of that need a Govt. ban or Tax Surcharge to reduce the cost of Medical Care?

Skate boarding - why should the Govt pay for your broken collar bone.
Jogging - you may be hit by a car and break a leg.
Skiing – why should the Govt pay for your injury?
High School Sports – no more football or cheerleading injury’s!
Hiking – you may get lost.
Homosexuality – Why should Govt pay for STD’s
Driving –all drivers and passengers should wear NASCAR approved racing suits while vehicle is in motion. Fewer injuries will result. Sorry ladies the helmet will mess up your hair.
Internet surfing – you may get mouse finger strain.

OR. Are they just creating a whole other group of lawsuits for their lawyer contributors?
I can see it now: Mom is sued for making Biscuits and Chicken by fat her kids.

Have some fun and be creative, this is really not a joke but it is a view into the future: Taking all risk out of your life for the betterment of the collective.

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Added: Aug-31-2008 
By: MahdiMan_Imam_Iam
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