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Qatar builds Sunni intervention force of Libyan, Iraqi terrorists against Assad


December 27, 2011
The Qatar oil emirate, encouraged by its successful participation in
the campaign to overthrow Libya’s Muammar Qaddafi, has established a
Sunni Arab intervention force to expedite the drive for Syrian President
Bashar Assad’s ouster, DEBKAfile’s military sources report. The new
highly mobile force boosts the anti-Assad Free Syrian Army, whose
numbers have jumped to 20,000 fighters, armed and funded by Qatar and
now forming into military battalions and brigades at their bases in

When they saw the Syrian massacre continuing unabated this month, the
Qatari and Saudi rulers approved a crash program for the Qatari chief
of staff Maj.-Gen Hamas Ali al-Attiya to weld this mobile intervention
Sunni Muslim force out of al Qaeda linked-operatives for rapid
deployment on the Turkish-Syrian border.
A force of 2,500 has been recruited up until now, our sources report.
The hard core is made up of 1,000 members of the Islamic Fighting Group
in Libya-IFGL, which fought Qaddafi, and 1,000 operatives of the Ansar
al-Sunna, the Iraqi Islamists which carried out 15 coordinated bomb
attacks in Baghdad last Thursday killing 72 people and injuring 200.
Qatar has just had them airlifted from Libya and Iraq to the southern
Turkish town of Antakya (Antioch) in the border province of Hatay.
It is in this town of quarter-of-a- million inhabitants that the new
Sunni force has located its command center and separate camps for the
two main contingents to undergo intensive training for combat missions
in the embattled Syrian towns and provinces of Idlib, Homs, Jabal
al-Zawiya, scenes of the fiercest clashes between Syrian troops and

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