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The bizzare case of group sex on TA beach in the middle of day...

Iran,Flytilla or other confrontations with pro-Palestinian activsts? forget it! The most reported and debated case in Israel during the last week was a group sex on Tel-Aviv beach which occured in broad daylight, in front of hundreds of people...

According to reports half-naked woman who appeared intoxicated engaged in sexual acts with group of young men in front of many beach-goers.

Since the first reports were that the woman might have been raped or used, The police on Tuesday launched an investigation, but two days ago the woman herself came to a police station and admitted that this all thing was by her aproval. According to people who knows her this is not the first time she gets drunk and do such things in public with strangers around her, and she is getting psychiatric and social help.

The incident, which was revealed in the press only two weeks later, took place on Bugrashov Beach in broad daylight, and was witnessed by many passersby and beach-goers, but police officials say they only received two complaints.

One eyewitness told Ynet that he was certain it was a group of young men who hired the services of a call girl. Other witnesses said the woman seemed to be intoxicated during the incident.

Kobi Ganesh, who works at a nearby beach restaurant, said "the woman danced in a circle with the young men, who occasionally touched her. I saw her asking them for all kinds of things like money and cigarettes.

"Every once and a while she would take whoever would cooperate into the water and engage in a sexual act. I thought she probably works in this, or maybe she needed the money for something, so I stayed out of it. There were many families and children around and nobody did anything," he said.

Ganesh added that people kept joining the circle and clapping. "She was not in distress, but it seemed as though she was drunk. She was a little absent-minded; she laid on the ground and rolled in the sand. I see a lot of girls like that around here," he said. "A day before this incident a girl sat on the beach with two jackets and coats. She looked like she was dead. No one came near her."

Ganesh's colleague Alex, who also witnessed the event, said "I saw a group of 16 to 18 year olds who were sitting in a circle playing drums and the woman was dancing at the center wearing nothing but a denim jacket. The beach was packed with people and we had a lot of work, that's why we couldn’t approach them and see what was going on. We didn’t see the sexual act, but we could tell that the woman was a lot older than the men. I thought they may have hired a call girl."

Alex added that "throughout the entire incident, I didn't see any police presence. At least 30 people gathered around, but there were no police officers. We heard shouting, whistling and drumming. She seemed to be in control of the situation.

Eventualy the police was able to locate , depose the woman filmed having sex with multiple partners on Bugrashov Beach in Tel Aviv - The woman made it clear to the police officers that she was not compelled to do any of the acts and that no one forced her to have sex with the suspect. During her deposition the woman also said she did not have group sex and added that she was not raped.

Yarkon Subdistrict Police Commander Yoram Ohayon told Ynet that at this point – and barring any evidence to the contrary – the police are investigating the case as a misdemeanor.

"I'm not trying to undermine this event, but we still don't know how serious it really was. At this point, and according to what we know so far this was a misdemeanor – a lewd act in public.",7340,L-4217405,00.html,7340,L-4218520,00.html

The Photos were taken during the act by bystanders, there are currently very few on the local net and they are all blured -

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