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Man ejaculated in woman's skirt on bus

He said he stood too close to the woman and couldn't control himself but the woman said he did touch her body.

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When the girl turned around, disgusting, a pool of sticky stuff to appear on her skirt. Following this, she directed at the front of a middle-aged man shout up the surrounding crowd uproar, have accused the man ... to work the morning peak in July 21, a single man in the BRT buses, public indecency girl Ultimately, this man was detained by the Police Chief.

BRT bus suddenly heard a shout:

"Some bullying, shameless, I reported to the police."

8:00 in the morning on the 21st, the driver Komori driving BRT2 road vehicles starting from the North off North Road, the originating station, bound for the terminal Yanshan overpass. 8:12, Komori hear the behind the crowd came a burst of clutter noise. "What happened?" At this point, about four or five meters away, a girl wearing a floral skirt to Komori came, "was bullying, shameless, I reported to the police, do not open the door, can not let him go. "the girl behind the middle-aged man, a slim body but the head down, silent. It turned out that this man was just in a crowded bus, public right girl to do a disgusting thing.

The Komori immediately called the police. The bus stop to the roadside about 200 meters distance from the incident. After the police received the alarm, rushed to the scene, the men away.

At the police station, the man had just confessed everything, he admitted to police by bus distance from the girls too close to not hold, immediately took out his genitals, and subsequent ejaculation.

10 o'clock, when the reporters rushed to the Jinan Municipal Public Security Bureau Bus Branch police station, the victim slowly (a pseudonym) is working with the boyfriend heard the news rushed to sit together. She was wearing a knee-piece floral skirt, long hair, slender figure.

The face of the reporter, the bull is still a little stiff, he just said to yourself "did a bad thing," 8 o'clock, the bull from the the Lishan site boarded BRT2 Line bus, over 20 years of age slowly, but also from The site is on the train. The passengers crowded, bull move in slowly behind, keep to the rear. From the front door about four or five meters away, slowly grasp the handrail stood still, the bull close to slowly behind then stood still. With the vehicle moving, people inside the bumps, bull body continuously and slowly, touching his lower body quickly reacted. Reach the sections of the railway bridge in Lishan, the bull can not help, they hand out genital top in the lap of the Agencies. After about 30 seconds, the bull semen sprayed into the Agencies of skirt. Subsequently, the matter will be found.

Bull, said his 41-year-old, has been single. From the field to Jinan workers 10 years and has been doing the business of health care products, and said he was "useful medical knowledge. The police told reporters that the time of the incident, the bull does not wear underwear. According to the explanation of the bull Prior to this, he had in the bus had a similar thing, but that there is no ejaculation.

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By: Lake8737
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