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11 and 15-Year-Olds Arrested For Beating 94-Year-Old Man

WXIA/COBB COUNTY, GA -- Cobb County Police went to an elementary school to arrest one of two boys accused of beating a 94 year old man in his apartment last Friday. The other boy, a 15-year old, turned himself in at Cobb County Police Headquarters.

The two children were charged with the brutal beating of Paul Smallwood, age 94, after they followed him into his Crescent Square apartment. They are both charged with Armed Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Battery, Burglary and Violation of the Georgia Gang Act. "To what gang they're affiliated with, I'm sure detectives are still looking at that," said Sgt. Dana Pierce.

Family and neighbors told Cobb County police that a group of teens knocked on Paul Smallwood's door Friday night and told him he needed some work done on his car and that they knew a good mechanic.

The family says that at some point the teens hit Smallwood on the head with a rock, knocking him to the floor. Family members say the teens took Smallwood's wallet and cell phone and fled.

Police informed the media of the arrest immediately after they notified Smallwood's family. "We're very happy, relieved that they finally got them and it's amazing how everything worked," said Ricky Scoggins, Smallwood's great nephew.

The arrest of the two boys wasn't the only good news for Smallwood's family Wednesday. Scoggins got even better news when he and his wife visited Smallwood in the hospital. "It was a miracle," he said. "I mean we walked in there and I couldn't believe it, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him."

Scoggins said his great uncle was sitting up in bed drinking a glass of water by himself. He had been unconscious for four days. Scoggins said he was talking about the boys who attacked him and talking about how he didn't have a lot of money when the robbed him. "And yesterday we thought he was going to die and today it's just a miracle," Scoggins said.>

Scoggins said he told his great uncle the two boys were arrested. "He's happy. He's very happy,"

Cobb police said neither one of the boys lived in Smallwood's apartment complex, but they hung out there often. Sgt. Pierce said witnesses identified the 11-year old suspect immediately after the assault.

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