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Student refuses to write Essay about selling your soul to the DEVIL

A North Carolina high school student is making a stand by not writing a classroom assignment about the devil because it goes against her religious beliefs reports WTVD-TV .

Gray's Creek High School Honor roll student Tieanna Trough refused to write an essay that was given to her English class about making a deal with the devil because it goes against her Christian faith.

The essay was assigned after the class finished reading Washington Irving's short story "The Devil and Tom Walker." The story is about a man that makes a deal with the devil to get rich, but then backs out of the deal.

The teacher instructed them that the essay was to be about how you would sell your soul to the devil or what you would trade to make a deal with the devil.

Trough said, "I believe you don't write about how to sell your soul to the devil."

Other students also complained about the assignment according to Trough.

John Gibbs, the principal at Gray's Creek, says that they have not received any other complaints about the assignment and that the reading material is a part of the curriculum.

"I don't think it's anything wrong. I mean parents are going to do what they think is correct and I respect that, we can sit down and talk about what we think is right," Gibbs said.

Trough's parents agree with their daughter and are standing behind her decision. They told WTVD that they wanted to get this story out there so other parents are aware of what is being taught in their child’s school.

Monice McLean, Trough’s mother, said, "We can't allow God into the classrooms, but yet they are going to allow the devil in the classroom, that's the way I felt." reports that Trough has now been given an alternative assignment to write about how and why money is important. She has agreed to write this essay.

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