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Court convicts female soldier, Arabs of failing to prevent deadly lynch

Tel Aviv court finds IDF soldier Or Levy, three Arab-Israeli men guilty of not attempting to stop brutal murder of Leonard Karp in 2009.
Judge: Extreme evil was unfolding before their eyes and they had a duty to get up and intervene

Arik Karp's daughter: He begged for his life.

Otelia Karp, whose father was murdered in front of her eyes at TA promenade in August 2009, tells court of horrendous night. 'It was pure cruelty. He begged for his life. They didn't care, on the contrary – it drove them on,' she says

Naama Cohen-Friedman Published: 03.24.11

IDF soldier Or Levy and three young Arab-Israeli men were convicted Wednesday for neglecting to prevent a crime during the brutal killing of Leonard (Arik) Karp in August 2009, describe by some as outright lynching.

The defendants, Fadi Jaber, Fuad Musa, Mahmud Ades and Levy, were convicted for standing by and not doing anything while their friends attacked and killed Karp.

The four confirmed the facts presented in the indictment, yet their attorneys claimed these facts do not amount to a felony because the four did not know about the brawl beforehand. According to attorneys, the four had no time to act against their friends while facing a spontaneous incident that began far away from the defendants.

The lawyers also claimed the defendants did not chase Karp when he tried to run away.

Judge Mordechai Peled rejected the claims made by the defense and ruled all four accused should have intervened to try and stop the violent act. "Extreme evil was unfolding before their eyes and they had a duty to get up and intervene," ruled Peled

The judge added that because all four were convicted of neglecting to prevent a crime there is no reason to also convict them of breaking the Good Samaritan Law.

Tel Aviv District Attorney Menachem Mizrahi said: "The court has reached a unique judicial ruling regarding norms of conduct. From now on one cannot see a violent act and not do anything about it. We don't expect citizens to become superheroes, but a phone call to the police is sufficient. A citizen must do this. It's not enough to yell in a subdued voice. The girl who shouted didn't do enough, she could have picked up the phone. Eventually she chose to join the others and have a drink with the rest of her friends."

However, one defense attorney said he plans to appeal the ruling: "It's a precedent instructing all Israeli citizens who see a crime... to endanger themselves."

Arik Karp's daughter: He begged for his life

In Januar 2010 Arik Karp's daughter, Otelia Karp, who witnessed the vicious murder of her father, at the northern beach in Tel Aviv, gave a horrifying testimony: ""They were like animals on the prowl, only it wasn't on National Geographic, it was my father," she said. She later recounted her pleas for help from passersby. "We met indifferent people; they looked at us as if we fell from the moon. It just took a long time until people gave us a phone."

The incident occurred on August 14, 2009, when Otelia and her parents strolled along the Tel Baruch beach. After sitting down on a bench, a man approached the three and addressed Otelia's father, Arik. "Dad didn't realize what was going on but decided to stand up. I thought the guy wanted a cigarette or to rob us...Dad approached him for a few seconds, I couldn’t hear what he said and then he came back to the bench."

Otelia said that her father avoided a confrontation with the assailants, who minutes later murdered him. "We didn't get a chance to ask him what happened, but he didn’t answer the guy or argue with him. There was no dialogue. He asked dad 'why don't you answer me.'

"Dad didn't reply and when we saw he wasn't answering we got up to leave. The guy phoned someone on his cell phone and spoke in Arabic. Mom said let’s walk quickly. A few seconds later a group of people came running up towards us. They ran over and simply tore dad away from us and dragged him towards the sea.

I don’t know how to describe it, we tried approaching him, but mom fell on her hand and I was knocked over on my back. And then, while I lay on the ground, I looked to the left, dad was on the ground, his bare back to me - that's the image I see every night before I go to sleep."

Otelia told the court of the murderers' cruelty. "It was pure cruelty; I saw lots of kicking, punching, and fatal blows. He begged for his life. They didn't care, on the contrary - it drove them on. They were determined to do it.

"They came without hesitation, like someone just waiting for the opportunity to attack. They came on order, just waited for the order from whoever it was. Otherwise you can’t explain how they got there in a split second.

"All that he (Karp) managed to shout was my name so I would run. I didn’t, I went over to mom, she couldn’t get up. We cried for help but there was no one around. We slowly went to get help and all the while I looked back at dad, with the beating was still going on.",7340,L-4046678,00.html,7340,L-3836464,00.html

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