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Parliament ratifies legislation allowing Norway to deport a higher number of criminals to Eastern Europe.

In new bilateral agreements between Norway and Romania, Lithuania,
and Latvia, police will receive extended powers to transfer inmates
currently serving time in Norwegian jails to complete their sentences in
their home country.Labour’s (Ap) Deputy Minister Terje Moland
Pedersen at the Ministry of Justice tells The Foreigner Norwegian jails
contain a high proportion of Lithuanians and Romanians.“The
legislation is partly based on initiatives by all countries involved.
For example, Romania recognizes it has a global reputation problem. The
agreement is designed to improve this, rather than stigmatizing a whole
nation and its people.Minister of Justice Knut Storberget
believes the move will also “work as a preventative measure. It will
reduce the risk of people returning to commit new crimes in Norway,”
reports NRK.Preliminary conversations began with Romanian,
Lithuanian, and Latvian foreign authorities at home and in Norway
approximately four years ago according to Deputy Minister Moland
Pedersen. He cannot say, however, how legal immigrants from the three
countries will feel about the new legislation. “I think they
should see this as part of an active international cooperation that
takes responsibility for the problem instead,” he says.

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