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Norwood Ohio Police Officer Assaults Suspect, Fabricates Report

Norwood Ohio police Officer Robert Ward, a 40-year old 16-year veteran shoves a handcuffed suspect into a wall breaking her arm and/or wrist. Notice the motion of her legs after her fall. The motion of her leg seem to suggest that she is in a fit of pain and/or is having seizures/convulsions. The injury may have damaged nerves in her arm, wrist, spine and/or may have caused a brain injury.

At the time that the suspect was assaulted she does not appear to be resisting, nor does she seem to be a danger. It appears that the police officer unjustly assaulted the suspect. The suspect is not a saint, but that's no reason to victimize her.

The police officer falsified the report. When Ward filled out the police report he wrote, "the defendant leaped from the officer's arms, while they were securing their weapons, jumping through the doorway, falling to the ground."

Police officers word is often considered gospel. Whether or not justice or injustice is served depends on the competency and integrity of police officers and other authorities. I see a disappointing and alarming number of police officers, government authorities, and other authorities that are prejudice and lie, falsify records, break the law and are very vindictive.

At least in this case Officer Robert Ward's superiors have released some of the tapes and don't seem to be covering up the problem. I know many times in other cases at other localities that there was widespread cover-up for police that are prejudice, lie, falsify reports, break the law, are derelict, etc....

I think Officer Robert Ward should be fired, prosecuted and barred from public service. He assaulted a suspect, he falsified a report. A police officer's duty is to uphold the law; he didn't. Instead he chose to break the law A police officer is supposed to serve and protect; he didn't.

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