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"Maybe it's appropriate" Dick Cheney comment-OR state rights ~ OR guns to avoid federal US rules

two .gov links for the mccarthy bill:

unfortunate mistake: going on msnbc, maybe Cheney will note the disrespect with which they conversate about him off camera...

Dick Cheney: 'Maybe It's Appropriate' To Limit Gun Magazine Size (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post Nick Wing
First Posted: 01/19/11 01:33 PM Updated: 01/19/11 02:02 PM

Former Vice President Dick Cheney, a stalwart Second Amendment rights activist and notorious hunter, appeared to open the door to some form of future gun-control legislation in a recent interview with NBC News.

In the wake of the tragedy in Tucson, Ariz., NBC's Jamie Gangel asked Cheney how he felt about a new push aimed at firearm restrictions, which have run the gamut from a bill prohibiting them near legislators to an effort to ban high-capacity magazines. Cheney, a longtime friend of the National Rifle Association, perhaps surprisingly seemed at least somewhat receptive to the latter.

"I'd certainly be willing to listen to ideas. I have always been a gun advocate, obviously had a strong voting record on behalf of the Second Amendment. That's just what I believe, and whether or not there's some measure there in terms of limiting the size of the magazine that you can buy to go with semi-automatic weapons -- we've had that in place before," the former vice president said, referring to the federal assault weapons ban that expired in 2004. "Maybe it's appropriate to reestablish that kind of thing, but I think you do have to be careful, obviously."

High-capacity magazines were allowed back onto the market when the ban was allowed to sunset in 2004, after being signed into law by President Bill Clinton as a 10-year measure.

GOP Sen. Richard Lugar (Ind.) stood against much of his own party last week when he voiced support for legislation that would serve to reinstate such a ban.

ATF ~ pound sand, get bent...

Bill would exempt Oregon-made guns from U.S. rules

Bill would exempt Oregon-made guns from U.S. rules

By Hasso Hering, Albany Democrat-herald | Posted: Tuesday, January 18, 2011 7:00 am | Loading…

A Salem legislator has introduced a bill seeking to cancel federal regulation of firearms and ammunition that are manufactured in Oregon and never leave this state.

Rep. Kim Thatcher, a Republican House member since 2005, had the proposal filed before the legislative session began on Jan 10.

Similar proposals — sometimes called “firearms freedom acts” by their supporters — have been passed into law in Montana and several other states.

But a federal district judge last fall found Montana’s law to be unconstitutional. Online sources said the case was headed for an appeal and only the Supreme Court could settle the issue.

The Thatcher proposal is based on the idea that items kept strictly in one state do not qualify as “interstate commerce” and Congress therefore has no business regulating them.

Since at least the 1940s, however, federal courts have interpreted the commerce clause as affecting virtually anything anybody does.

Besides seeking to exempt Oregon-made guns, ammunition and accessories from federal regulation, Thatcher’s bill would require guns made here to be stamped “Made in Oregon.

The bill cites the 10th Amendment to the Constitution, which reserves to the states and the people powers not granted to the federal government.

It also refers to the Second Amendment and to the provision in the Oregon Constitution that guarantees the right to bear arms for self-defense.

If the measure is assigned to a committee, Rep. Andy Olson, R-Albany, points out, it would have to get the consent of the panel’s Republican and Democratic co-chairs to get a hearing.

Olson, a member of the Judiciary Committee, was not familiar with the bill and said exempting guns from federal regulation had not been a big issue in Oregon.

In her most recent newsletter, Thatcher listed three other gun-related bills she had introduced. They would:

• Protect the privacy of concealed handgun license holders by preventing disclosure of their records.

• Allow gun owners to carry without a concealed handgun license.

• Do away with the state criminal background check required for gun purchases; a federal check would still be required.

While the legislature has been getting organized in Salem, actual legislative work won’t begin until Feb. 1.

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