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DIY sperm donation goes rampant and some involve direct intercourse

Donors can get 3,000 yuan for each donation which is carried out either throught test tube injection or direct sexual intercourse without any medical supervision. Experts say this type of DIY sperm donation, although less expensive for receivers who pay 10,000 yuan, may cause other problems both phyiclally or morally and some donors may do so simply for money or gratification.

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Reporters unannounced visits to the network on a large number of "group" buffet sperm, sperm donors claiming through direct or indirect way, refinement conception.

However, to meet many sperm donors another language, sperm free. The people said, sperm donors are more free to find stimulation.

Who gave so much of this space free sperm donors?

The survey found that the shortage of regular sperm bank sperm, in addition to accept the sperms and cumbersome procedures, takes a long time, cost a lot of money, many infertile couples turned to the "sperm black market.

"Buffet sperm", there are health, ethical, legal, and other aspects of risk. In violation of state regulations, the China Population and Family Planning Research Institute researcher, Sperm Bank Management Team Leader Chen Zhenwen that, "buffet sperm" to be resolutely banned. But regulatory buffet sperm present in the absence of state.

"Swallow", 30-year-old, 40-year-old husband, married 6 years, no children. Go to the hospital to wait for too long, costs are also high, after a friend introduced her into a network of self-help sperm QQ group.

Express their demands in the group, many assisted reproductive claiming to be free sperm "Swallow" Instead, the delay can not decide. Do not want to say more her refinement experiences.

Private the "buffet sperm" group

QQ group search buffet sperm "Statistical inquiries into 261 groups.

These members of the group, to 300 people ranging from a few people, more than one sperm group, the proportion of sperm donors refinement similar group of 100 people, about 15 of refinement, the rest are sperm persons.

Almost every province in the QQ group can be found in the corresponding "× × self-sperm group", members of the group are in front of the names marked on their blood type and needs, in order to facilitate the selection and was selected.

Refinement to release information, the number of sperm donors will take the initiative to contact, and then transferred to a private chat status.

Zhuyun mostly recommended "direct method"

10:00 every night, the the QQ on the Beijing Buffet sperm group "began hilarious. To learn more about the process of self-help sperm, on the evening of September 12, the reporter in order to fine the identity release information: refinement, O-type. "

"I was a white-collar, good health" "I'm a school teacher, to provide high-quality sperm" ... whisper immediately received 9 personal information. 7 sperm donors "free to donate.

"Gratuitous sperm, assisted reproduction for the music." Friends "Double Tap" This information is sent.

"Your menstrual normal? 36-year-old, 170 cm tall, weighs 72 kg." Double Tap "Ask, and at the same time introduce myself. Video, short hair, dark skin, stern.

"Double Tap" alleged sperm, known as the directly sperm Law. The sperm donors directly and refinement women having sex, so that the latter conception.

"Double Tap" describes the experience, "before successfully donate twice (the woman pregnant) after the success we have signed an agreement generally free to donate." He purpose of free progesterone, "want to leave more offspring . "

Number of contacts, "Double Tap" to disclose the name, phone number, company information and other personal data, multi-reporter to verify, and found that this information is true.

Reporter survey found that sperm donors in the group are mostly very warm. Many people are required to "direct method" to progesterone.

Thousand Yuan Assisted Reproductive success of these payments

Compared to the "Double Tap" assisted reproductive "the" Shandong buffet sperm group "swordsman" is much more tactful.

He Zhuyun by the indirect method. Sperm donors masturbation semen injection syringe without a needle, then use the syringe to push semen refinement by the body.

"Swordsman", in mid-March this year, he help the refinement of a more than 30-year-old pregnant this way.

"The swordsman" said sperm that, the two sides in an Inn, do not trust each other's husband, the whole presence of to push syringe semen into the woman's body, but also by the other husband.

The "couple gave 1000 $ YingYangFei." Swordsman "said.

Seeking fine 'concerns

"I knowingly break the law, but I too want to be a mother." Swallow "have not been able to accept the buffet sperm, also stems from her concern, first of all health problems," the medical report fraud, plus a family history disease, if the other party to conceal, I find it difficult to know, after the child's health can not be ensured. "

A self-help group of the main group of sperm "sofiya", said: "Most of the self-sperm donors, said white are FREE thrill-seeking, and some also earn a sum, pure holding little dedication attitude."

Agreement invalid

Sperm donor provided the "buffet sperm agreement, the two sides have agreed upon as follows: For children seeking the Jing Fang wife and sperm party co-fertility, sperm voluntarily give up as the father of the child's rights and obligations, seeking the Jing Fang husband for the child's only legal father, voluntarily assume all rights and obligations of the father of the child.

In addition, in order to prevent the emergence of ethical disaster, the sperm is entitled to know the sperm and have children by gender. The children are the future marriage, the two sides have an obligation to provide the necessary information.

Development Law Firm lawyer Wangzhuan Wei said that any form of sale of sperm, embryos conduct system illegal, in serious cases, criminal liability. Even if the two sides signed an agreement, but the behavior of private non-remunerated donation of sperm donors Department invalid civil conduct, not protected by law, resulting at your own risk and responsibility.

>>现状">>>> Status quo

Leveraging the the patients queuing sperm bank to be super year

Recently, the reporter learned that, in Beijing, accepted the formal insemination by donor patients need to go through a series of checks process, queuing time takes 1-2 years.

According to the relevant provisions of the Ministry of Health, Beijing qualified for artificial insemination, only two medical institutions, the National Reproductive Health Technical Service Center and Peking University Third Hospital.

September 12, at the National Reproductive Health Technical Service Center, a doctor said: "The couple wanted for artificial insemination, First of all, both sides need to carry the account of this and other information, to the hospital to receive check man after can not or should not fertility after inspection, to be confirmed, and in the interests of insemination by donor indications, the woman is also subject to the gynecologist comprehensive physical examination, confirm the healthy, normal fertility, tubal patency, and the exclusion of a variety of factors that may affect future pregnancies meet these two factors, will it be possible surgery for artificial insemination. "the doctors basic flow.

About the cost, the doctor said: "Each semen price of 3,000 yuan, the surgery costs about 6,000 yuan, ranging from the surgery will use multiple copies of semen (the same donor), the final cost.

National Population and Family Planning Research Institute researcher Chen Zhenwen further explained, in Beijing for artificial insemination cycle success rate of surgery in 20% to 30%, general patients do surgery about 3 times, most have to do surgery.

>>对话">>>> Dialogue

The "buffet sperm should be resolutely banned

[Chen Zhenwen] male, 68 years old, the National Population and Family Planning Research Institute researcher and doctoral tutor. Current sperm bank Management Team Leader. Former Beijing sperm bank director.

Reporter: Do you know with the folk "buffet sperm"?

Tzen-Wen Chen: I know, privately whether the sperm donor body to containing disease or genetic disease, who can guarantee that? Child's health, and how to ensure that? These people give you donate, donate to her tomorrow, would endanger a lot of people.

Very problematic and some motivation, the tantamount free to go to bed. Ethics can be said is the loss of the conscience, should be resolutely banned.

Reporter: so-called civil buffet sperm, government departments, regulators it?

Tzen-Wen Chen: supervision for civil buffet sperm, need public security and health departments together, but there is no such legislation in China, is a missing file, the appropriate punitive measures is also very light and can be basically negligible. So it is very difficult to regulatory.

>>揭秘">>>> Secret

The sperm donor After receiving three thousand yuan subsidy can not be continued to donate

Hui Temple Road, Haidian District, the 12th Scientific Research Institute of the National Population and Family Planning Commission, Beijing's only sperm bank is located on the second floor. Recently, this reporter consecutive visits.

The sperm retrieval room, the body of a woman according

At 10:00 on September 7th, a dozen square meters of the sperm bank reception room, a male staff member working on the one wearing the cap of sperm donors to explain the precautions.

Account of the rights and obligations, the staff come up with a sperm volunteer screening registration form to "cap" the need to fill out personal information, height, weight, hobbies.

"After signing the word, we will you do a simple touch of the external examination, and then you can begin screening process." Then, staff with the cap "came to a curtain behind two minutes later, the two out of the staff handed cap "a green cylindrical plastic cup lid, and took him into sperm retrieval room.

A room of about 30 square meters separated the two small rooms, as the two take refined rooms, each sperm extraction chamber, and each of the two small rooms, each small room of about five square meters in size.

Sperm retrieval in the color pink room, a half-length pink sofa, a small table next to the sofa, stood a roll of toilet paper, a table on one side has the trash.

On the walls around the room, are affixed to the body art photos (female nudity portrait), do not have a computer in the room.

Many after passing the test before sperm

After about half an hour, "cap" out from the sperm retrieval chamber will take sperm cup on the tray, signed to receive a subsidy of 20 yuan.

The "cap" is the college students of the Institute of Foreign Affairs recently seen reports called for sperm, only to give it a try, "the first time to unfamiliar environment, feel the sperm donation process more difficult.

2-3 semen quality screening and refrigeration recovery experiment, each volunteer will be according to the sperm bank donation process before each inspection required abstinence 3-7 days, as the inspection and approval, volunteers will continue to receive health check and blood tests to check all qualified to become an official sperm donors.

On subsidies, the staff member said, "screening, each transport subsidy of 20 yuan officially sperm after the start, the volunteers need to complete 8-10 sperm donor subsidy of 50 yuan each, these completed six months after donors stop receiving HIV check. Upon check all end to confirm sperm qualified volunteers before they receive all the subsidy of 3000 yuan. "

The staff said that the volunteers only in a sperm bank sperm; After receiving a subsidy of 3,000 yuan, will not be able to continue in the sperm bank sperm, and receive a subsidy.

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