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Your Say: On the issue of rampant killings in the USA
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Hi LLers.

My heart has been grieving because of the death of little children by the hands of that deranged kid in Connecticut.

I've been through many wars in Africa, but I've never experienced the deliberate massacre of innocent kids up to this time.

There has been many theories regarding how such kind of incidents can be minimized or even stopped. Many people have called for the arming of school teachers, the provision of at least 1 policeman in every school, and some have even called for the arming of school children.

One important fact that people bypass is that most of these recent shootings/massacre have been perpetuated by seemingly harmless, intelligent, rich (or middle class) people. You'd expect that these kind of people would have better access to mental healthcare because of their financial status (or their parents'), but the reverse have been the case.

On the side, I RESPECT gangbangers 100% more than I respect these shooters because gangbangers almost never intentionally shoot at innocent people, they shoot at rival gangbangers.

Well, i've been doing a lot of thinking, trying to deduce a way or theory on how we can stop shameless acts like these from reoccurring. Unfortunately, I've been falling short.

As MATURED LLers, can we have a MATURE discussion on how we can reduce such incidents. As you comment, please be respectful, and do not curse. Just say what you have to say and reply to others appropriately.


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By: African_living_in_USA
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