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The Republicans freed the slaves in 1868 (14th amendment) and made them US Citizens because they were countryless and had no citizenship and were only "born here" (as they were vilified by Democrats), So there had to be a way to distinguish citizens according to democrats, because we had to have classes, (for class warfare), so we now have jus soli (JS) or subject to the jurisdiction (STJ). The Democrats violently fought against the 14th amendment throughout the ratification process, and democrat Dred Scott saw blacks and native Americans only as livestock, which is why the Republicans passed the 13th amendment giving former slaves habeas corpus. The slaves and the southern republican plantation owners respected each other through out the generations and most slaves stayed on the plantation (read The bull whip days for a deeper insight) after the war (AND STILL LIVE THERE TO THIS DAY!!!!!). The 14th also gave US Citizenship to US Indians, the resulting law from the 14th amendment is US Code 1401 (after all state ratifications). By the way the Democrats still wanted to shit on blacks and Indians so they made them their slave class and for decades have been pushing, and now push harder for TAXing the wealthy and redistribute as entitlements/security that they "feel" the peasants have coming, but I digress. US Code 1401 statutes for naturalized-at-birth (NAB) US Citizenship still reflect the original intent of the 14th amendment (never ratified): Democratic Government classifications are as follows; NAB #1=JS/STJ Anyone born here subject to the jurisdiction (STJ) of the USA, as in having no other citizenship by natural law is a naturalized-at-birth US Citizen (NAB). Next is Anchor babies (with 2 foreign citizen parents) are not born subject to the jurisdiction of the USA since they are born foreign citizens (from the parents). NAB#2=JS/1IND Or, you must have 1 American Indian (1IND) parent (meaning 1 US Citizen) and be born on US soil, jus soli (JS). NAB#3=NJS/1USC Or, you must have 1 US Citizen parent (1USC) and be born abroad (non jus soli NJS). NAB#4=NJS/2USC Or, you must have 2 US Citizen parents (2USC) and be born abroad (non jus soli NJS). So, the only jus soli JS naturalized-at-birth US Citizenships NAB were meant for former slaves, or for babies with one Indian or US Citizen parent, since Indians are US Citizens. STJ does not mean 2 foreign parents as “Democrats” falsely espouse, since that would mean having 2 foreign parents have more rights than having 1 US Citizen parent or slave. Democrats diluted the true rights of Indians and blacks, with foreigners for their own political agendas, to create a new slave class (from anchor babies). It also makes no sense for the law to read "no US Citizen parents born on US soil" are required for NAB Citizenship but the next paragraph says "one US Citizen parent born on US soil" is required for NAB Citizenship, but still not a Natural Born Citizen. Also that shows that 1 US Citizen parent born on US soil is just a statutory naturalized-at-birth US Citizen. So no matter how you slice it, it takes 2 citizen parents to be natural born by natural law.
So that means, Per the Constitution of the United States; Article II Section 1 including and not limited by The Fourteenth Amendment and also the Declaration of Independence, upheld by the Supreme Court with - SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES, 88 U.S. 162, Minor v. Happersett, Argued: February 9, 1875 --- Decided: March 29, 1875, Richard Santorum [Italian parents] (He will not release his documents with regards to his parents citizenship), Mitt Romney (documents released and being authenticated) , Barack Hessuen Obama (Father is a British Citizen), John McCain (born on Sovereign Panama Soil) is Non Us Soil, Marco Rubio [non US father at time of birth, Naturalized after birth] are all not eligible to be POTUS or VPOTUS.

If you argue with out facts or case precedence your comment will be deleted
If you have reference questions I will post as requested.

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