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Qatar the spider in the African web
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Qatar the spider in the African web

According to the Algerian newspaper le
temps d’Algérie, who quoted a message from the usually well informed French
weekly Le Canard Enchaîné, the emirs of Qatar are financing various rebel
groups who not only recently conquered Northern Mali but also launched an
attack on Algérian gas installations in Ramenas.

Money from Qatar

The French weekly relies on a report from
the middle of last year by the French military secret service (DRM), not long
after the inauguration of the new government of president Hollande. Also the French foreign security service
(DGSE) warned in the same sense last year.

According to the report: Qatar has been
financing three salafist movements active in that region, besides the Tuareg of
the MNLA, a classic nationalist and non-religious movement. Those were quickly
taken out after the outbreak of the rebellion by their salafist rivals.

The financial and other support would
mainly go to the others in Mali and the salafist movements operating in the
wider region like Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and the movement pour
l’anicité et le djihad en Afrique de l’ouest ( Mujao) and Ançar Dine (
defenders of the faith).

One may therefore suspect that Mokthar
Belmokthar, the man behind the raid in Ramenas also relies on the generosity of gas producer Qatar. He works from Libya, where he was spotted in
the capital Tripoli, where the influence of Qatar is very large. And the raids on Ramenas and Mali are


The groups installed a salafist reign of
terror in Northern Mali in which every form of music, dance and forms of non-
salafi regions were brutally banned, so
also other forms of Islam. Accompanied by the destruction of non – salafi
Islamic shrines and the murder and torture of opponents.

Qatar is a small peninsula bordering Saudi
Arabia that is essentially a kind of huge natural gas field. Qatar fully
benefits from the high gas prices.
Mainly due to the turmoil around first Iraq and then Iran. The unrest is very convenient for Qatar.

The country was created by the British ,
but actually the country is private property of the family Al Thani who is very
wealthy and so it seems they don’t know what to do with the hundreds of
billions of dollars of revenues from gas.
The country is one of the largest natural gas producers in the world.

Any form of democracy in Qatar is out of
the question. Emir Sheikh Hamad Bin
Khalifa Al Thani rules as an absolute monarch, somewhat in the style of the
French King Louis XIV, the sun king. Woe the opposer

Al Jazeera

All positions of any importance in the country
are in fact occupied by members of this large family. The prime minister and the minister of foreign
affairs is his cousin Hamad Bin Jassim Jabil al Thani. Also the well-known television stations Al
Jazeera and Al Jazeera English work under the strict guidance of the family.

According to reports by Wikileaks: The
supervision of these television stations takes place in close cooperation with
the US embassy in the capital Doha and the American military security

In addition, there is talk of
micromanagement of the news broadcasts. As
with the choice of studio guests, the topics and word usage. Everything takes
place in a secret agreement between the United States and the Al Thani family.

Qatar together with neighbouring Bahrain is
home to an American army base. The
country plays a key role in overthrowing secular regimes in Libya, Tunisia,
Egypt and Syria.

Religious networks

In addition the country uses , (like Saudi
Arabia) her network which is infiltrated in even the smallest villages and
consists of imams and religious institutions.
Beside then the gas dollars which are available in mass to them and which
it uses to bribe people without

A network that has proven very useful in
the development and extension of various Islamic movements, some more extreme
and more violent than another. Recent published stories in US media revealed
that Qatar and the United States worked together closely.

And thus Qatar and Saudi Arabia only
started supplying arms to the Libyan rebels after the US gave them green
light. Whereby the weapons went in
essence ( most of it) to the Salfafists movements(or other extremists). Without
any known protest from the United States.

For a virtual bankrupt United States this
naturally came as a godsend. Without many expenses it can tightens its grip on
the region and give more room (breathing space) to Israel. Qatar and Saudi Arabia pay the costs and provide an army that is
ideological motivated by them so that they fight for them almost cost-free.

Laughing with Alain Winants ( head of the
security of the state in Belgium)

That people like Alain Winants head of
state security warn of the consequences of our flawed foreign policy it just
adds up. But actually our policy makers mock him publicy.

For France who risked losing control of the
resource- rich - and by French companies
mined and exploited gold and uranium mines in Mali – This was a disaster in the
making. And it was clear from the
beginning that these salafist groups after their conquest of the Islamic world
wouldn’t stop there, but they will focus their attention on Europe. That should
be clear to our politicians ?

The support of Qatar to those rebel groups
explains a lot about the common knowledge( what we hear and see) of these
events. Thus both Qatar and the Egyptian
president Morsi have strongly opposed the French military intervention in Mali.

At the moment Morsi can only stay in power
due to the seemingly never ending flow of Qatari dollars. Egypt is practically bankrupt ( financial and
economically ), and without those billions of dollars: a defeat in the
elections seems inevitable for Morsi and his friends. And that would be a disaster for Qatar.


And the role of Qatar probably explains why
de United States and Great Britain were reluctantly and why they hesitated for
so long to take action and give military support to France ( actually it was
just symbolically aid) Qatar isn’t going to fund these groups in North-Africa
without American approval. That(this) was the case in Libya.

And if the French security services DRM and
DGSE are aware of Qatar’s role, then it is likely that their American
counterparts also have this information.
And to this day: as far as we know Qatar and the US have never argued
about this.

Qatar is seen as a loyal ally to the United
States of America.. What appeared when
recently Al Jazeera English was allowed to take over the rights of Al Gore’s (
US democratic politician) television station.

In this case it is essential to remember
the close cooperation between the former French president Nicholas Sarkozy and
the family Al Thani in particular in Libya. Both were one of the first to act.
The family Al Thani also owns the French football club Paris Saint-Germain and
it also bought the Luxembourg subsidiary banks of our Belgian banks Dexia and

The assassination of Khadaffi

Sarkozy wanted to see khadaffi dead at all
costs, and now he leaves his country and the world with consequences. But
anybody could foresee what would happen if Khadaffi was killed. It is a failed
state where central authority barely exist and where armed gangs roam free and
terrorize villages and cities.

So it seems that the United States did not
object a salafists takeover in North-Africa, Mali included. Algeria should
begin to fear, and realize the threat. Beside Syria and Lebanon , Algeria is the only
remaining secular rule in the Arab world.
The stream/flow of gas and oil dollars from the salafi rulers on The
Arabian peninsula predicts nothing good for the secular Arab world. What (little) human rights existed will now
completely disappear.

Furthermore France risks to disappear as a
military and economic power from Africa.
The New York Times announced this week that the US was thinking to build
a new military base in Niger or Burkina Faso, Two former French colonies. And the Unites States already has a large
base in Djibouti, another former French possession in the region.

Panic breaks out

How outrageously and crazy it is to support
Salafists in Syria and elsewhere whom later – which has happened this week –
begin to threaten France and other European countries.

On Monday during a conference of the so
called friends of Syria in Paris: the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius
publicly panicked . The Washington Post

Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told an emergency gathering of representatives
of 50 nations that Syria faces collapse and the “risk of extremist groups
gaining ground” in the Middle East. “The chaos is not tomorrow, it is today,”

said, according to reports from the meeting.

Maybe in due time they will beg the Syrian
president Bashar al Assad for forgiveness because he helped arming the
salafists. It looks like this is the
beginning of the collapse ( the beginning of the end) for the western strategy
in the Middle East to arm al qaeda in the whole region. The warning from people like Alain Winants
comes true.

Does this explain the announcement from
last Thursday by Moaz alkathtib the freshly (in particular by the US) appointed
chairman of the rebel coalition , that he on certain conditions may negotiate
with envoys of the Syrian president Bashar al Assad. This happens while the
statues of the only a few weeks old coalition refused every talk with Assad and
his government.

A vision where for he was criticized
internally, but this vision seems to survive politically. But as a result he
sits down with Russia, special UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi and the United States.
It seems like they are in a hurry !

And Qatar ….. in the near future they are
allowed to host both the World Cup and the Olympics.

Supposedly the European Union and the US
won’t have any problems with that like they were opposed against Russia and
China. Soon our riders will ride some
laps without worries . And nobody asks any questions.

Willy Vandamme

Translated from official source:

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It should also not be overlooked that
Russia and China are supplying arms to Syria.
They also have their interest in Syria and Africa.Dictatorships all over the world should not be defended, there are changes needed in those countries but it should come from the people and not through foreign intervention in order to serve their intrests. And not every muslim
fighter should be called a salafist.

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    EU leaders and Obama Laughing Stock.

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  • "Le Canard Enchaîné" is THE free press in France.

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