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IDF will continue to offer aid to African infiltrators in spite of Friday's Islamist attack

Days after the Islmasit deadly shooting on Mount Harif, which used a group of African infiltrators as a decoy and which claimed the life of an IDF Corporal , the border section remains open.
The intensive work to complete the 17-kilometer fence in the topographically challanging area was renewed Sunday morning, while at the same time, the IDF is conducting an inquest into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

It is becoming apparent that the military acquittal protocol – which regulates the absorption of groups of infiltrators that reach the border – will remain in place.

According to directives, the soldiers go up to the infiltrators, leaving backup in the area. They then ensure that the infiltrators are unarmed and only after that are they transferred to a temporary holding facility in one of the sector's posts. Following medical examinations, the infiltrators are moved to permanent Interior Ministry holding facilities.

IDF data disclosed that there has been a significant drop in the number of infiltrators coming through the southern border – just 200 last month when compared with 2,000 last year.

A senior IDF source told Ynet last week that the medical teams which have been reinforced over the past two years will remain in place in spite of the drop for fear of additional security incidents.

Moreover, the IDF forces will continue to offer aid to the infiltrators in the shape of food and water.

According to an IDF investigation, the Islamists who attacked the soldiers on Friday had no connection to the infiltrators but it is believed that they took advantage of the fact that the force was stretched thin after soldiers went to a nearby Wadi to offer aissitance to infiltrators.

Earlier Sunday IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantzvisited the site of Friday's terror attack on the Israel-Egypt border and met with soldiers from the Artillery Corps and the Caracal infantry battalion and lauded their swift response to the attack. Three Islamists were killed in the incident.,7340,L-4285198,00.html

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