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IDF jeep fired upon and hit from Syrian fire, IDF returns fire and destroys the firing post
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Here is some background to acquaint posters of the current situation on the Golan.
On 2 November 2012, three Syrian Army tanks crossed into the UN-administered demilitarized zone and clashed with rebels near the village of Beer Ajam. During the clashes, stray bullets hit an Israeli patrol in the area. Israel responded on 5 November by filing a complaint with the United Nations Security Council, claiming Syria violated the 1974 Agreement on Disengagement signed following the Yom Kippur War. The terms of the 1974 armistice prevent the Syrian military from conducting operations within the DMZ.

On 11 November, a mortar shell from Syria's Quneitra Governorate landed near an Israeli military outpost in the Golan Heights.

On 12 November 2012, the Israeli Golan was shelled, after which the Israeli Defense Forces returned fire hitting a Syrian mobile artillery. The Israeli shelling of a Syrian territory occurred for the first time since the Yom Kippur War.

On 17 November there was another incident where Syrian army fire hit an IDF patrol near the DMZ, damaging one jeep although no injuries were reported.

On 18 November 2012, a shot was fired towards the Israeli soldiers in the central Golan Heights.

This was all well before any strike on Syria. There has been several more cases of IDF patrols coming under fire and Israel being bombarded from Syria since, with the most recent one posted here.

An IDF jeep was fired upon during the night (21/5/13) from Syria, damaging it. This is a continued blatant violation of the 1974 armistice with no repercussions by the U.N.

Israel finally reacted to these provocations and fired a single SPIKE-NLOS missile at the Syrian post where the fire was coming from for the last three days at Israel and IDF troops, the outpost was destroyed.

: "Following three consecutive nights in which Syrian gunfire hits IDF unit in same Golan area, IDF fires back at Syrian post

IDF Spokesperson's Unit reported Tuesday that gunfire from Syria hit an IDF unit in the Golan Heights, as had occurred on the two previous nights. No injuries were reported, but a patrol jeep was damaged.

The IDF retaliated by firing a Tamuz missile that destroyed the post from which the shots were fired.

The IDF estimated that due to a recurring pattern of gunfire from the same Syrian area, directed at the same Israeli target and executed at roughly the same time at night, the gunfire was not the result of unintentional overspill and decided therefore to fire back.

The unit that was subjected to the gunfire was backed by numerous military forces, including aircraft, that helped with detecting the source responsible for the hits.

This is the third day in a row in which gunfire from Syria hits Israeli targets.

On both Monday and Sunday, an IDF force identified shooting from Syria in the direction of an open area in Israel. No injuries or damage were reported. The UN was informed of the incident.


Afterwards, the Assad regime tried to save face and came up with a shit lie:

: "
Syria says destroyed Israeli vehicle

State television says Israeli vehicle crossed into Syrian territory, destroyed by Syrian troops; Israel denies

Syria said its troops destroyed an Israeli vehicle that crossed into its territory from the Israeli Golan Heights on Tuesday and warned that any attempt to violate its sovereignty would meet "immediate and firm retaliation".

Israel denied the report, saying one of its vehicles was hit by gunfire on its side of Golan ceasefire line, but the incident highlighted the potential for renewed conflict along a frontline that has been largely quiet for nearly four decades.

In a statement broadcast by Syrian state television, Syria's military leadership said its forces destroyed an Israeli vehicle that had crossed the ceasefire line, heading for the Syrian village of Bir al-Ajam.

The Israeli military said a vehicle had been damaged by gunfire from Syria but no Israeli soldiers were hurt. Israeli troops returned fire after the incident, it said.

The incident was the latest on an increasingly fraught frontier where Syrian officials have reportedly threatened to unleash Palestinian guerrillas in response to Israeli airstrikes near Damascus and several UN peacekeepers have been abducted by rebels.


At least they openly admitted finally that they blatantly ignore the 1974 armistice by attacking an IDF jeep on the Golan, and that it was them and not the rebels doing the attacks.

I mean, do they honestly think anyone is buying a story as ridiculous as theirs? Sure, a single Israeli jeep decides to invade Syria alone and attack a village all by itself and they manage to destroy it, with no IDF casualties, vehicles, etc as evidence... These jokers just completely lack even a basic sense of logic.

So, just to end this nonsense once and for all, the IDF Spokesperson showed the video of the Syrian outpost firing in the IDF jeep in Israel three times before being destroyed in turn.

The annotations are as follows:
1)- First time Syrian outpost MG firing at the IDF jeep in Israel.
2)- Second time Syrian outpost MG firing at the IDF jeep in Israel.
3)- Third time Syrian outpost MG firing at the IDF jeep in Israel.
4)- SPIKE NLOS missile accurately hits and destroys the Syrian bunker that was firing at the IDF jeep.

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