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Exclusive Interview with the Spokesman of the ISLAMIC ARMY IN IRAQ (IAI) Dr. Ibrahim al Shammari .July 2009

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.
We welcome you and thank your efforts and we are ready to cooperate with you.

How do you see the future of Iraq, will the Iraqi Resistance be able to liberate it from the U.S. and Iran?

Good question; the resistance sees that Iraq is under two occupations: first Iranian and second American. The political program of the resistance decided from the beginning that Iraq should be liberated from all kinds of occupation whether visible or invisible like the Iranian, and we will continue in our work. The resistance scored bog achievement by forcing the US administration to adopt withdrawal from Iraq, and when the bigger force i.e. the American withdraw, then we will continue to end the Iranian existence too.

What are the main differences between the “Political Council of Iraqi Resistance” (PCIR) and the “Jihad and Change Front” (JCF)?
Do you work with them together?

The "Political Council of Iraqi Resistance" is the main frame of the Iraqi resistance. It was formed in 2007 after five years of occupation. The brothers in the "Jihad and Change Front", the "Rashideen Army" and "1920 Revolution Brigades" were among PCIR and even formers of it, but in last minute they decided not to participate and formed "Jihad and Change Front" for their own reasons.
So this council is the main front for Iraqi resistance as it includes everybody and every resistance group can join it especially that the 14 points-statement that we declared satisfies everybody. We work with all good people and we put no veto on supporting any resistance effort.

There is an offensive by the Naqshabandiya Army which releases a compilation each week. What are your relations with them and what do you think regarding Izzat al Douri?

We have no ties with Izzat Ad-Douri and "Naqshabandiya Army" has paid alliance to him. They are working in Iraq and so are we, and we thank the effort of every group.

What are the main problems and successes of your army within the last year?

"The Islamic Army in Iraq" functions in association-way and seeks symbolism. So when the sniper issue (Juba) rouse up he became the symbol of resistance and now we are focusing on the rocket abilities for needing it in the next stage. When US occupation decided to withdraw from Iraq this meant victory to Iraqi resistance and Islamic Army.

How can people abroad support the Iraqi Resistance, especially within the Western world?

Everyone who's against American occupation can help by revealing the facts inside Iraq. Iraq is suffering from two ugly occupations: American and Iranian, if the anti-humanity crimes were shown to western people then this is a big support for us. Also showing the true face of the US administration that violates all human rights and what Iraqi women are suffering from.
There are 1 million victims in Iraq and five million widows who are looking for the bodies of their men in the wastes and trash after being killed by Shia militias which are protected by US occupation. There are five million widows and orphans looking for food and care. 70% of children can't go to school while Iraq pre-occupation ended illiteracy long time ago. Iraq had the best universities in the Arab world but under US occupation 84% of these universities were plundered. We had dozens of highways and now very bad roads. We had very good hospitals and professional doctors and now these hospitals not well-equipped. The situation in Iraq is a tragedy on all levels. Sunni people are being annihilated by Shia militias supported by US and Iran. If all these facts are shown then it will be helpful for Iraq.

Will there be new releases in future, for example “Juba 5”?

We hope that (Juba 5) will be released. We now have released the 11th official release and we will give you a trailer of it.
I'd like to thank your efforts and appreciate anybody who support the human cause in Iraq even if it's American, and we know that part of the American people were against occupation and voted for Obama to withdraw from Iraq.
Thank you.

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