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Conservative Lie # 45,098: Obamacare Costs Have Doubled

Good afternoon LiveLeak. Recently my good conservative friend Copperdog posted some media claiming that the projected cost of the Patient Protection and Affordable care act, or Obamacare as it's been dubbed, was in fact double what had initially been estimated by the president and the CBO, sending the price soaring to the near astronomical range of 1.7 trillion dollars. This idea, purported by Conservative politicians and then blasted through everyone's favorite right wing trumpet Fox news, spread across the conservative echochamber/blogosphere like a California brush fire. Of course like many of the ill researched claims that conservatives have made about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act this too was a lie. Between a thorough debunking by Politifact and this article from talking points memo it's pretty much undeniable that the GOP was fudging the numbers to make yet another outrageous and outright lie of a claim. The saddest part is that yet again their goldfish like political memory will kick in, they'll disregard this lie along with the countless others and keep insisting that the president is a socialist Muslims who isn't even a US citizen. They'll insist that the deficit, the failed wars and even the financial crisis were all somehow his doing and they'll continue to defend the idea that under Republican leadership we'd be better off, though they can of course never seem to explain exactly why or how that would be the case. This is the Republican throw everything but kitchen sink until something sticks dirty politics attack strategy and it fits snugly with Mitch McConnel's statement concerning the GOP's one and only goal this election cycle, making sure Obama is a one term president. Conservative bully politics have made America into a dysfunctional family and it's becoming clearer and clearer to reasoned moderates and independents where the dysfunction stems from. So Right wingers and tea party enthusiasts, congratulations your knee jerk reactionary politics, your hyperbolized style of attack and your outright lies are beginning to catch up with you. As you continue to marginalize the independents who will decide the 2012 presidential election, just remember I told you this would happen back in 2008. ;-)

An ‘Obamacare’ Cost Explosion? Hardly — GOP Distorts CBO Report

Republicans and conservative media are cherry-picking a figure in a new Congressional Budget Office spending estimate (PDF) to assert that the cost of “Obamacare” has nearly doubled to $1.76 trillion. But the claim ignores the corresponding savings during the additional period of the spending projection, thus distorting the actual cost estimates of the law.

“The new CBO projection estimates that the law will cost $1.76 trillion over 10 years — well above the $940 billion Democrats originally claimed,” Rep. Tom Price (R-GA), the No. 4 House Republican, declared in a press advisory. Republicans on the powerful Energy & Commerce Committee said the CBO report “reveal[s] a shocking new sticker price of $1.8 trillion.”

Fox News and other conservative outlets have trumpeted the out-of-context number as vindication for those who warned that the Affordable Care Act will cost far more than advertised.

CBO’s actual revised estimate is that the “gross costs of the coverage provisions,” — the money used to provide people Medicaid or private insurance — has risen by about $50 billion over the 2012-2021 period since its previous estimate, from $1.445 trillion to $1.496 trillion. That’s the only relevant change to spending projections in the report.

So where are conservatives getting the idea that the cost of the law doubled? When it passed in 2010, CBO said its 10-year outlays would be about $940 billion. But because the law isn’t set to be fully implemented until 2014, when the coverage expansion takes effect, that initial estimate included several years in which the law cost very little. Now that it’s 2012, CBO’s 10-year outlook captures more years during which the law will be in full effect. The law’s price tag appears higher, but its costs in no way doubled.

Conservatives, however, want to use the effect of this sliding window to make it appear as if the health care law is a budget buster. But this latest CBO report focuses exclusively on the law’s spending provisions, and ignores its savings — the taxes and spending cuts, that also mostly take effect in 2014.

Indeed, CBO still holds that the law reduces the deficit by billions of dollars over 10 years. That’s just not in this report.

“CBO and JCT have not estimated the budgetary effects in 2022 of the other provisions of the ACA; over the 2012-2021 period, those other provisions were previously estimated to reduce budget deficits,” the CBO report reads.

All of which means that the cost projections have only experienced minor changes in the CBO report, a far cry from the conservative claims that the Affordable Care Act’s price tag has skyrocketed or doubled.

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