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Hulk Hogan Makes Disturbing Comments Aimed at Marine In Coma

*I wouldn't have posted this video unless the family wanted it leaked*


-The family leaked the video after jailhouse conversations revealed the 'Hogan' family blaming the victim, John Graziano, for not wearing his seatbelt.

-The Hogans continued, by portraying Graziano as an evil and dysfunctional person, while the guy (John Graziano) has no possibility of defending his own honor.

Sick stuff here, truly sick
Do some people not have a soul?

1) Actual audio tape where Hogans attack victim
2) Video Released by Graziano family after hearing Hogan
comments [I did not add the music]
3) Photo 1 released by Coma Victim's family after hearing
4) Photo 2 released by Coma Victim's family after hearing
5) Photo 3 John Graziano (Crash Victim)
6) Photo 4 John Graziano (Crash Victim)
7) Accident Picture (car wrapped a tree)
8) Accident Picture (where Graziano was seated, his head
hit the dashboard)


-Tapes reveal Hulk's shocking views

-Hulk Hogan says the paralyzed victim of his son's car crash must have angered God.

-Nick Hogan, 17, is currently serving eight months for reckless driving charges after a car crash that left his friend John Graziano a permanent vegetable.

-Nick Hogan was also under the influence of alcohol


-Now in shocking audio from a prison phone call The Hulkster - real name Terry Bolea - suggests Graziano brought the crash on himself by upsetting God.

Hulk: "I don't know what type of person John was or what he did to get himself in the situation.
"I know he was pretty aggressive and used to yell at people and used to do stuff.
"For some reason God laid some heavy **** on that kid man. I don't know what he was into."

Nick Bollea: "He was a negative person."

Hulk: "He was what?"

Nick: "He was a negative person. Will you work on that 'reality' deal?"

Hulk: "Yep"

Nick: "Get that lined up so the minute I walk out, whenever I walk out of here it's there, boom."

Hulk: "Can you do it while you're on probation."

Nick: "Of course."

Hulk: "Do you want to do it with Pink Sneakers or someone else."

Nick: "I want to do it where I'll make the most money."


Several prison phone conversations between Nick and his family have surfaced on the internet.

In the U.S. the conversations are not considered private and are public record.
In another phone coversation Nick can be heard crying and complaining about his cell.
The family also discussed creating a new reality show for Nick when he leaves jail.

During Hogan's sentencing last month John Graziano's father slammed the Hogans for showing no remorse.

He said: "My life now consists of 10 hours each day at a hospital watching my son suffer."
"Nick has shown no remorse for what he's done for my son."
John's sister also spoke adding: "We have never once heard him apologise for what he's done or take any responsibility for any of his actions."



John Graziano, the 22-year-old active-duty Marine that was a passenger in Hogan Knows Best co-star Nick Hogan's Toyota Supra when it crashed in late August, is expected to require lifelong care that will probably require he spend the remainder of his life in a nursing home, according to recently filed court documents.

A September 19 report filed by registered nurse Joanne Jones -- who was hired by Pinellas County court to examine and determine if Graziano, who remains in critical condition at a St. Petersburg hospital, is incapacitated -- said he was comatose, on "total life support," and may have suffered a seizure due to injuries from the crash, The St. Petersburg Times reported Tuesday.

While the report claims Graziano is responsive to pinches and also has gag reflexes, he has otherwise not responded to touch or sound and his pupils are fixed, a sign they are not reacting to light, according to The Times.

Police and witnesses allege 17-year-old Hogan was speeding in a Toyota Supra around 7:30PM on August 26 in Clearwater, FL when he lost control and hit a raised median, spinning the vehicle and causing its rear end to strike a palm tree. While Hogan was released from the hospital the day following the crash, Graziano -- a U.S. Marine who has served two tours of duty in Iraq -- has since remained at St. Petersburg's Bayfront Medical Center.

Jones detailed Graziano's injuries in the report, stating he broke his skull at the base; had part of his skull cut out; experienced brain swelling; suffered cuts to his scalp; and also had abnormal collections of blood under the front side of his skull, according to The Times.

Jones filed an addendum to her initial report on September 26, and it included information from Graziano's doctor, H. Bushnell Clarke, who told her at best that Graziano will "open his eyes on and off."

"At this present time, [Clarke] states his prognosis remains guarded," Jones wrote in the addendum, according to The Times. "He states that this young man most likely will spend the remainder of his life in a nursing home."

In addition, The Times reported court-appointed medical professional Dr. Malcolm Fraser conducted examinations last month and listed Graziano as Glasgow Coma Scale 3, according to The Times, which is the lowest rating on the scale that is used to assess the recovery of traumatic brain injury patients by measuring eye, verbal and motor responses.

"The signs that he has a gag reflex and does not respond to pain means he's not brain dead," Coleen Booker, a registered nurse at University of Florida's Shands Hospital, told The Times, adding it's still "not encouraging" that Graziano's pupils are fixed and he's on life support.

Graziano's mother Debra is petitioning a Pinellas County judge to assume guardianship of her son, The Times reported, adding she was granted emergency temporary guardianship on September 27, which allowed her to apply for military benefits on her son's behalf.

A hearing is set for Wednesday as John's father Edward -- who is estranged from Debra -- is contesting her application for guardianship, according to The Times. Edward's attorney Steven Hearn told The Times his client is seeking an independent guardian for his son.

Debra's lawyer George Tragos also refuted Jones' report, as he told The Times on Monday that John's condition has improved because he's now responding to stimuli.

"That's one doctor's opinion but it's not the full medical picture," Tragos told The Times of Jones' report.

Clearwater police are still investigating the crash, according to The Times, and no charges have been filed.

More On the Crash...

Remember that horrendous car crash that Nick Hogan was involved in about a month ago in Florida? Well, it seems that things just took a turn for the worse for Nick and especially for John Graziano, Nick's friend who was also in the car with him when he lost control of his yellow Toyota Supra, which flipped over and hit a palm tree full on. Nick, as you very well remember, only had a few scratches, but Grazziano's condition was very bad. And now, it was finally confirmed that Graziano will pretty much be a vegetable for the rest of his life.

Court documents reveal that the young marine will need lifelong care at a nursing home and at best will only be able to open and close his eyes periodically. This is incredibly sad news and it can also mean a disaster for Nick. Many reports claim that Hulk Hogan's son - who has a history of speeding - was doing just that before the crash and this would in fact hold him criminally responsible. Police are still investigating the incident and in the meantime (more than a month after the crash) Graziano is still in critical condition at the Bayfront Medical Center.

A registered nurse by the name of Joanne Jones was reportedly hired by the court to examine John Graziano and determine if he was incapacitated. The nurse stated very clearly that Nick's friend was on total life support. Graziano responds to a pinch and has a gag reflex but does not otherwise respond to touch or sound. His pupils are fixed, meaning they don't respond to light. Coleen Booker, a registered nurse with 14 years of emergency room experience at Shands Hospital at the University of Florida in Gainesville, said in an interview that it is not encouraging that he is on life support and his pupils are fixed.

Nurse Jones' report also mentions the injuries that Graziano sustained as a result of the car crash. She reports that he broke his skull at the base, had part of his skull cut out, experienced brain swelling and had cuts to the scalp. Bone was pushed in and broken in many pieces. He had abnormal collections of blood under the front side of the skull. In an addendum, Jones included information given to her by Graziano's doctor, H. Bushnell Clarke. He told her that at best, Graziano will "open his eyes on and off".

For Nick Hogan, apart from a very guilty conscience, this could mean a lot of time in jail. Graziano was not wearing a seat belt at the time - but even so, if Nick is proven to have been speeding, things could turn very nasty for him.

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