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Newt Gingrich Displays Clear Cut Symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

I was bouncing around the internet when, lo and behold, I came across this.
Slate has posted a group of notes Newt Gingrich wrote to himself back
in 1994 that were culled as part of a House ethics investigation of him
in 1997.
These little scribbles are amazing. For me, they are the nails in his
political coffin. I always suspected Newt the Great of being a
dysfunctional narcissist, but the ‘doodles’ are the proof:
Gingrich—Primary Mission

—Advocate of civilization

—definer of civilization

—Teacher of the rules of civilization

—arouser of those who form civilization

—Organizer of the pro-civilization activists

—leader (possibly) of the civilizing forces.

. . Commander of All Civilizing Forces in the Global Theater,
apparently. You may think this is funny, silly stuff, but I don’t. I
had to grow up with people suffering from personality disorders, and, if
this isn’t the real thing, it’s close. Newt has a nasty case of
Are you in the habit of hastily scribbling a 25-year prescription for yourself? Newt is:

This 1992 note appears to be a 25-year plan (the
header reads “1993-2018”). Items on the list include: “A series of books
(the history of Freedom, prosperity and safety),” “Possibly a series of
courses with audio and videotape followers,” and “Campus (intellectual)
appearances on ‘the histories,’ ” with “Gingrich the historian applying
the lessons of history to public life.”
When you refer to yourself in the third person in your personal
notes, do you also include your title? Newt does. It’s a shame he never
got around to chronicling all of safety and prosperity and Freedom
through time. I’d be interested to know when safety first appeared in
These are not memos reminding Newt of the various jobs he has ahead
of him. You’ll notice he’s done exactly zero of these things. These are
the exercises of a sick mind constantly asserting itself. Newt needs to
see what it looks like, this reality of being great beyond all others.
‘Gingrich the historian applying the lessons of history to public life.’
Hmm, yes. That’s me. I think I can see it now.
And what does a sick mind do with this reflection? It acts the part.
And this is the key with narcissists. They are usually completely
incompetent, so they must pretend. They have to know what role they’re
playing before they meet you and impress upon you how impossibly grand
they are. Thus The Historian doesn’t write notes to himself that say:
“Finish Chapter 23 on the History of Prosperity.” Instead, He writes
1. Articulate the vision of civilizing humanity and recivilizing all Americans (TASK 1

Since when do ‘historians’ civilize humanity? Since Newt volunteered
to do it. Since it’s such a big job, that’s when. He hasn’t yet done it,
you might notice. I’m not sure anyone who gets nailed for ethics
violations and cheats on his wives knows much about civility.
And this is Newt. Some of you are laughing, I know. But imagine this
guy as your president. Not so funny now, is it? He has a sizable lead in
Republican polls, so it’s actually terrifying.
Well, I’m here to tell you that unless Newt can keep his serious
psychological deficit in check, he’ll have a hard time winning. He’ll
have a difficult time just trying to hold on to the Republican
nomination. Narcissists are almost always exposed once they have to take
on real responsibility. They do badly under pressure. Newt’s short
tenure as House Speaker and his resigning office all those years ago are
testaments to that.
The numbers of mistakes, gaffes and strange moments will take their
toll on the Gingrich campaign. It will not be pretty. It might be
spectacular, as a narcissist’s collapse can be.
Secure in now knowing who and what Newt is, I’ll make some
predictions as to how Newt’s campaign will wobble and eventually fall.
Until then, I’ll leave you with some words from my favorite narcissist.
Not long before he died in a small town in Northern California, he
reminded me: “John Glenn is a close personal friend of mine.”

Slate posts Newt
‘Gingrich’s Doodles.’ These are a group of notes Newt wrote to himself
back in 1994 that ended up part of his 1997 House ethics investigation.
And if you’re interested in the current Republican frontrunner, maybe
you take notice. You click over to the post and see this:

. . a diagram of Newt’s world. He is the “system designer.” Gingrich
sits at the center of the universe, you see, while lesser citizens
populate ever-further, more bucolic concentric neighborhoods. Reality
eventually terminates in our far-flung address, “the public.”
You can see that Newt views himself as an uncommon man. And for folks
like me, who have seen debilitating narcissism close up, this is a
familiar sight. People like Newt make these little scribbles to exercise
the disease in their brain. They do it to remind themselves who they really are.
Having done that, they then go out and act the part: I am the center of
a vast universe, friend. A cross between Catholic Oliver Cromwell and
post-modern Will Durant, I am the Newt Gingrich.
So he’s grandiose, overblown. Everyone already knew that, so what? He’s leading in the polls, that’s so what. This would be a catastrophic U.S.
President, that’s what. And the possibility has serious consequences
for our lives; you recall that the George W. Bush administrations killed
thousands of Americans.
But I’m here to tell you, he’s not likely to win the whole thing.
He’ll have a very hard time just taking the Republican nomination.
Narcissists do very poorly managing responsibility, and fewer things are
more difficult than successfully carrying something as large as an
entire campaign for a year. Great men regularly fail at this. Flawed men
almost always fail at it.
The interesting thing for us with regard to Newt the Great is that
narcissists are utterly predictable sorts. While he’ll likely fail, we
can make some pretty fair predictions about how he’ll do it. Starting with this:
1.) Newt will eclipse his own campaign. The need to impress
upon you his greatness will kill the campaign’s messaging. Gingrich has
surely been telling his staff that talking about himself is the same as
talking about the campaign (it isn’t). And the ways Gingrich will hype
himself will come twofold: bragging and gargantuan ideas. Method one:
At the Reagan presidential library this fall,
Gingrich boasted of how “I helped Reagan create millions of jobs while
he was president.” And after modestly acknowledging his own less
significant role than Reagan’s, added, “We helped defeat the Soviet
This is pretty preposterous stuff — Reagan was president 30 years
ago. This self-stroking doesn’t really do much in the eyes of coveted
swing voters other than make Gingrich seem weird and old, which he is.
It’s also a crock of shit: Newt routinely ripped Reagan because that’s
what narcissists do, read Mark Shields for the details. Method two:
. . Gingrich indicated that it was in the president’s
power as commander-in-chief to deem any Supreme Court ruling irrelevant
if he or she in the White House disagreed.
. . “A commander-in-chief could simply issue instructions to
ignore it, and say it’s null and void and I do not accept it because it
infringes on my duties as commander-in-chief to protect the country.”
This is nothing less than the dismantling of the Constitution’s
separation of powers, a critical feature of the Founding Fathers’ new
government. Still, Gingrich has been going on and on about it for days.
Why? Because it’s such a winner with voters? Because it’s vitally
necessary at this time? Because this is what leaders do? God, no.
Because it’s fucking HUGE. Pulling the Constitution apart at the seams
usually is. But notice how gigantic old Newt is? No one else has the
balls to propose this, and for good reason. Newt simply can’t resist.
This is how you eclipse a campaign. To win the presidency, what should he be talking about incidentally? Are you kidding? The
economy, stupid. That’s how you beat a vulnerable incumbent. America’s
seething anger sits right there, just below the surface, waiting to be
tapped. Haven’t seen him bother with it, though, have you?
2.) Newt will not be prepared. Narcissists are some of the
spottiest workers you have ever seen. They are long on grand designs and
short on carry through. They are great dictators and horrible managers.
Don’t expect Newt to be any good at anything other than talking.
In an embarrassing display of organizational
weakness, for example, Gingrich recently failed to qualify for the
ballot in Missouri’s primary. The campaign structure, such as it is,
simply didn’t follow through. Similarly, the Gingrich team was supposed
to provide New Hampshire officials with a list of 40 committee
volunteers who would represent the campaign as Republican National
Convention delegates — but Gingrich’s staff couldn’t track down 40
willing supporters. Instead, they submitted a hand-scrawled, typo-ridden
list of 27 people.
Steve Benen mentioned this 17 days ago. As of now, the Gingrich campaign have barely gotten a ground game going in any of
the primary states. They’re months behind in mounting a serious effort.
Newt will tell you it’s because he’s so ground-breaking. But that’s
just narcissism 101 — recall Sarah Palin’s excuses for being
quintessentially incompetent. And there’s no excuse for this:
Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich
explained on Sunday that his policies would require up to 9 million
undocumented immigrants to return to their home nations — and he
predicted that they would do it voluntarily . .
“There are 11 million of these people,” Schieffer noted. “I mean, what are you going to do with them?”

“My guess is that 7 or 8 or 9 million of them would
ultimately go home, get a guest-worker permit, come back under the law,”
Gingrich replied.
That is so half-baked, it’s honestly hilarious. Millions of people
would end the lives they’ve created here, to move their families to some
place that isn’t home, for what reason? To start a strange new life, in
order to wait for years, for what? A perhaps chance to come back and
re-start their previous life? Newt hasn’t actually thought about this
for a second, his take’s a joke. Conservatives hate ‘amnesty,’ and
reality hates fools. He’s winning nobody over with his comic absurdity.
3.) Newt will not carry the banner. Narcissists live to
separate themselves from the crowd, so they’re horrible at being
traditional leaders. You won’t see him being a Republican’s Republican.
You can’t get him to play nice with others for more than a few difficult
moments. This is why he attacked Paul Ryan just when Paul was becoming
the Baby Jesus of entitlement reform:
“I don’t think right-wing social engineering is any
more desirable than left-wing social engineering,” Gingrich scoffed in
an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” . .
Gingrich later called the [Ryan] reform plan “too big a
jump,” adding: “I’m against Obamacare, which is imposing radical change,
and I would be against a conservative imposing radical change.”
It wasn’t supposed to be “social engineering.” Wasn’t supposed to be
“radical change,” it was supposed to be “a common sense approach to a
pressing problem.” Why couldn’t he just toe the party line? Because
Gingrich couldn’t resist putting the pretender Ryan in his proper place:
far below Newt the Great. Get away kid, you bother me.
This need to be singular, to be transcendent, to be unique, it is a
problem. That’s why you can dig into Newt’s past and produce
brain-scratching highlight clips like this:;feature=player_embedded

Is there anyone more despised by Conservatives than FDR? Can you
imagine any other politician going so far out of his way to speak so
glowingly of an accursed enemy? It’s amazing, isn’t it?
But FDR’s accomplishments are just too staggering not to
covet. All narcissists are obsessed with recruiting greatness to their
cause and shunning equals. Newt just can’t conceal his software: if FDR
were around, Gingrich would be desperate to make him a friend.
Flipping that baffling script, can you imagine a Democratic
presidential candidate in awe of Ronald Reagan? Can you see how bizarre
that would be? I can’t imagine it. You couldn’t put a gun to my head and
get me to vote for that guy.
But that guy is leading the Republicans right now. That guy
is also messed up. So don’t expect him to become president. I wouldn’t
even bet on Newt winning the party nomination. The poor guy just isn’t
built to pull it off.

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