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White House SPAMS Federal Employees with Health Care Propaganda

Crossing a Line in the Health Care Debate? More shameless tactics from the Obama White House.

Richard Grenell: Is the White House Sending Healthcare Propaganda to Federal Employees?

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The White House Office of Health Reform Director Nancy-Ann DeParle has been feverishly sending out unsolicited email messages to federal employees in an effort to build support for President Barack Obama's health reform package over the last several weeks.

DeParle's unsolicited emails have been regularly coming to some federal employees' official government email inboxes for weeks without permission or request, causing some federal employees to feel threatened by the overt political language.

The Department of State employees, who receive hundreds of official government emails every day, have complained about the annoying and partisan emails but are nervous to go public for fear of retribution. The emails are addressed to the federal employees by name and use the official .gov address.

The unsolicited emails also request that the federal employees take action in order to ensure that Obama's health reform package is passed and the federal budget isn't at risk for bankruptcy. One federal employee was so concerned about DeParle's language in one email that he questioned whether his department's budget would be cut or eliminated without passage of Obama's bill. DeParle uses scare tactics that some assume are meant as threats:

"No ifs, ands or buts about it -- if we do nothing to reform our broken health care system, costs will continue to skyrocket and break the budgets of American families, small businesses and the Federal Government," read the March 12th email from DeParle.

But should federal employees be subjected to partisan propaganda? What precedent does it send for the White House to use the federal work force for their partisan agenda? And shouldn't we let State Department federal workers concentrate on pressing issues like the Israeli-Palestinian issue or the Iranian nuclear weapons issue? Why would Department of Transportation employees have to worry about forwarding The White House's partisan emails to their address books?

Federal employees are public servants not partisan foot soldiers for President Obama and shouldn't have to decide whether a partisan White House request can be ignored without consequences.

DeParle's solicitation requests federal employees act on behalf of the President's agenda by making this directive: "You can help raise awareness by sharing this email with your friends, family and online networks," read the March 11th email from DeParle.

But what would happen if the federal employee doesn't act in the way The White House is suggesting? Would there be retribution? Has The White House requested that another federal agency monitor who is acting on behalf of Obama's health reform bill and who is not?

Turning the President's partisan agenda into White House directives to the federal workforce has crossed the line and should be stopped immediately.

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  • Funny how 'requests' became 'directives' in just one short sentence. Further more what in the hell would hundreds of thousands of federal employees feel would constitute 'consequences'. Will they be fired or demoted or what??.... Sorry Fred, but you didn't pass this email to enough friends so your fired. LMAO!!

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  • Sadly...Conservatives want to pretend that THIS is something that has only hapened ONCE....and ignoring all the Cnservative/Republican moves that ae the same...what a as we say not as we do....right...Righties?!

    Posted Mar-21-2010 By 

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  • They are above the law. Anything goes.

    Posted Mar-22-2010 By 

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