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Dancing with Strangers


BROWNSTOWN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WJBK) - Sunday was like a beautiful summer day -- a perfect day to be outside with the family. However, a Brownstown Township family got an unexpected and unwelcome visitor.

"He started dancing and clapping his hands," said Reese Tolstyka.

The five-year-old didn't know the dancing man. She was outside playing with her sisters and her parents Sunday afternoon when a strange man pulled up in a blue Volvo. He rolled down the window and told the children, "This is your day," then cranked up some carnival music and started dancing in his car.

"He just wanted to do it to show everybody that he was a good dancer," Reese Tolstyka said.

An innocent little five-year-old, Reese didn't assume the worst, but her parents sprang into action. This guy was a stranger and acting very odd.

"My husband starts yelling, 'Get out of here! Go!' And he wouldn't," said Caron Tolstyka, Reese's mother. "He's just like clapping and he looked a little crazy."

Her husband, Chris, started chasing the Volvo and the man left. She called 911.

"He started just dancing and almost like he was taunting my children to come near him," she told the operator.

Caron says this same creepy guy in the same car showed up last year down the street and did the same thing. She wants all parents to be on alert.

"We're scared for the safety of our children," Caron Tolstyka told FOX 2. "There are so many children on this block … Heaven forbid anything ever happen to one of them. We have to do what we can to keep everybody safe."

Anyone with information is asked to contact Brownstown Township police.

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