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Ellis Henican Details Criteria for Newsworthiness of Murders

Yes, he did. Last night on Bill O'Reilly, Ellis Henican was on to discuss the obvious media bias in the coverage of the recent murders of Dr. George Tiller, Pvt. William Long, and Guard Stephen T. Johns. However, Ellis didn't agree it was media bias, but decided to explain the "newsworthiness" criteria to O'Reilly. You see, there are three things to take into consideration, according to Ellis, and they are this:

1. The prominence of the victim.
2. The incendiary aspects of the issue behind the murder.
3. Who is fanning the flames of that issue?

So, Ellis. Are you saying Pvt. Long is not prominent-enough of a victim to be considered newsworthy? Oh, REALLY?!? Okay fair enough. I'll give you that much (in the mind of the MSM, that is, but I don't agree), so let's move on to the second criteria: the incendiary aspects of the issue behind the murder.

Pvt. Long was murdered BECAUSE he was an American, BECAUSE he was in the military, and BECAUSE he and his brothers are currently fighting a war against jihadists around the globe. You don't believe these qualify for "incendiary aspects" surrounding the issue of this murder? Sorry, dude, but you're way off base on that.

And lastly: Who's fanning the flames of the issue? Why, it's none other than militant Islam, if you must ask, Ellis. And you don't think THAT piece of criteria is met? Oh, wait, that's right. You're part of the chickensh*t MSM who is afraid to report on crimes committed on behalf of the prophet Mohammed, so you just ignore them. Or, is it because you feel if you report this as a "hate crime," that you will not meet your precious "criteria" to remain part of the liberal bastion that hides on the left?

Perhaps you think if you cover it with equal reportage as the other murders (which are all also heinous), you might lend unintentional credence to the fact that we ARE still involved in a war against radical Islamofascism (and not an 'overseas contingency operation')?

Mr. Henican, I would dare say that our military men & women serving in whatever capacity they are serving carry a lot more "prominence" in this society than people like you ever will.

Journalism is slowing sinking to the likability factors equal to that of lawyers. And of similar credulity. Shame on you.

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Added: Jun-11-2009 
By: MsUnderestimated
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