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Ron Paul's opponent's children recieves death threats

Chris Peden, the challenger in the Republican primary for the 14th Congressional District, revealed Tuesday afternoon that he’s had to relocate his children because of telephone death threats.

Peden made the announcement at the Victoria County Republican Women’s luncheon at the Oak Room, where he was a scheduled speaker along with Debra Medina, congressional campaign coordinator for incumbent congressman Ron Paul.

Peden has been receiving prank calls and death threats over the phone, Peden said. Peden took the threats seriously enough to relocate his children. He had been receiving the calls at his office for a while but he just started receiving them at home, he said.

Peden wasn’t implying the Ron Paul campaign was involved, he said. “I know Dr. Ron Paul and I know that he would in no way condone such behavior,” Peden said. “But I do want him to put out a statement asking for it to stop.”

Medina said that the threats were news to her. “But I know that it is certainly not something the congressman would appreciate or encourage,” she said.

He reported the incident to the police, and there is now a trace on his phone, Peden said. If any suspects are caught, he will press charges, he said.

After the somber beginning, the politicking started.

In a radio program Paul said the congressional district was his plan B, if the presidential campaign did not work out, Peden said.

“Well, it’s my plan A,”Peden said.

Paul has always had a strong desire to represent this district, Medina said. “He has been very effective in obtaining benefits for the district.”

Answering a question about the TTC/I69, to which Paul has already declared his opposition, Medina said he was also opposed to the project because he believed that farmland should not be taken to benefit Mexico and China and because the public hearings had shown strong opposition to the project.

Peden and Medina also talked about other issues such as immigration and the Iraq war.

“There are stark differences between me and the incumbent,”Peden said. “Since 1997, he has not passed a single piece of legislation, and I think it is time to change that.”

Paul has the experience, Medina said.

“The congressman is steady, sure, wise and conservative.”

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