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LiveLeak Staff Blog #2 : Accusations of bias.

Hi all, I know this is pretty much on top of the last blog and I still owe you guys answers to your comments. But this is something I really felt I had to address right now. I've noticed quite a few people accusing us of bias and even racism. Now this actually makes me pretty angry, we've always taken pride in our impartiality especially where LiveLeak is concerned. So, after seeing all of this I decided I should look into this a little closer.

I accessed the moderator accounts and tracked the complaints. Where I did find mistakes I found the mods concerned had rectified them fairly quickly. Looking further I then checked on the posts people were complaining were removed down due to bias. Which leads me to tell you guys the following.

We do not care what your political views are, which nation you pledge allegiance to, which god you worship, or which football team you support. None of those things are any of our business. We do, however, need to keep the site running as smoothly as possible so we have a couple of very simple rules. We are not, nor are we interested in, censoring your opinion. All we ask is that you voice it without directly attacking another member or using racial slurs. That's the all we ask of you. Okay, back to the posts concerned.

When I looked at the deleted posts I sometimes found some very well constructed points and arguments. Problem is, if you then drop a racial slur in the middle of them it is liable for deletion. Thus rendering your opinion wasted. If you want to know who is censoring your opinion then look in the mirror, because the minute you decide a personal insult or racial slur will add a bit of spice you're pretty much guaranteeing that it's going to be erased.

As of today things are going to change. We have a few choices and I want you all to look at them and decide which works for you. We can a) Work together with the rules we have, perhaps revising them slightly through discussion and bring in some more mods so we can take a closer look at the context of a comment B) We can add a slew of constrictive rules and bring in more moderators to enforce them by the book and with no room for discussion. Or C) We can simply turn off the commenting system. You guys are the members here, let me know what you think.

Finally, please don't try and point out some kind of hypocrisy based on uncensored content. The site is about uncensored content, at no point did we advertise it as a free for all for trolls to stick their fingers in their ears and scream at each other. I know the majority of members do not fit into that category by a country mile so please do not think for one moment that I am tarring you all with the same brush. But something clearly has to be addressed. The question is, do we find a solution together or will we be forced to impose one?

Sorry if this came across a bit strong. I've always taken pride in the fact this site does not take sides on an issue, and I for one happen to believe in what we are doing here. I hope some of you feel the same.


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