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Glenn Interviews Dad of TX Girl Who Refused to Recite Mexican Pledge in Class

The Blaze’s exclusive story on the McAllen, TX high school that assigned students the task of memorizing and reciting the Mexican national anthem and pledge of allegiance grabbed headlines across the blogosphere on Monday. It naturally grabbed the attention of many parents. On Monday morning, then, Glenn interviewed the father behind the story, William Brinsdon. William’s daughter, Brenda, is the 15-year-old girl who refused to participate in the assignment and recorded it.

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“So you’re in a Spanish class and you have to sing the National Anthem of Mexico,” Glenn began, explaining the controversy’s nuances. “You have a problem with that. All right. Then you’re asked to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. You have a problem with that. Well, yeah. I’m not pledging my allegiance to Mexico. But you‘re told not to worry about it because the words don’t ‑‑ they’re just words. They don’t mean anything. Well, then so now I‘m insulting Mexicans and Mexico because now I’m just devaluing the words of their pledge? Something’s not right, and it’s happening down in Texas. A girl came home, told her father about it in Spanish class. She didn’t do it. Dad’s on the phone with us now.”

William described how he was surprised when Brenda told him about the assignment, how he contacted several school officials and never got any promised calls back, and even revealed another disturbing case of some shocking claims.

“The indoctrination of this stuff is going on all the time down here,” he said. “And also last year she was told in her Spanish class that this land was stolen from Mexico, yada, yada, was told to be quiet through the class.”

That time, the Brinsdons didn’t stand up. This time they did.

“I’ll tell you I think that you are just one of very, very many that are going to start standing up and just not ‑‑ and just not sitting down anymore,” Glenn told the father. “But you’re going to feel awfully alone there for a while because I know. I hear it from people all the time: ‘Hey, thank goodness for ‑‑ thank goodness for you saying something,’ [And I ask], ‘Are you going to say something?’ [They respond] ‘No, I ‑‑ no, I got a big bank job. I can’t say anything. No, I can’t.’ Oh, okay, all right.”

According to William, the practice has since stopped. But in our original interview with Brenda, she said that while her class was no longer memorizing the pledge and anthem, students in other sections were.


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  • Good for the dad & Brenda. Need more people to stand up against this.

    Posted Oct-17-2011 By 

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  • Is this law Racist? Does it specify brown people?
    Are the people who agree with this law racist?
    Are those who want this law enforced racist?
    The law says nothing of little "brown" people but it explains what is illegal entry. It's not very hard to understand. Why is this law "broken"? Why can it be selectively ignored?
    Illegal alien includes all people who entered illegally, could be Croation, Russian, Chinese, Irish, Canadians and yes even Mexicans. No one single race or pe More..

    Posted Oct-17-2011 By 

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  • I'd like to shake that girls hand. Way to go girl! I wish their were more people like you!

    Posted Oct-17-2011 By 

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  • Which school? Does someone care to post the names and address? I'd write letters to TV and school district.

    Posted Oct-17-2011 By 

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  • Heard of Klu Klutz Knievel?

    Claims he can jump 200 Mexicans with a steam roller.

    Posted Oct-17-2011 By 

    (2) | Report

  • I just love these hispanics that claim that Mexico was stollen. Um hello, yes it was, it was conquered by Spain and we took Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas from the Spanish over the course of several years and wars.

    The Spanish did the same thing to the aboriginals in Central America that the British, French and Irish did in North America aboriginals except they didn't give the Central American aboriginals any reservations.

    Posted Oct-17-2011 By 

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  • lol this dude wishes he could be alex jones so bad, even his entire set up looks like its trying to imitate alex jones

    Posted Oct-18-2011 By 

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  • its spanish class. did they force her to join? get her the fuck out of the class and stop bitching. i recited the french national anthem in french class. whats the big deal.

    Posted Oct-17-2011 By 

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  • how is waving a mexican flag any different than my neighbors waving their confederate flag. or my brother who is based overseas,he is waving his american flag in front of his house . never forget where you are from and who you really are.

    Posted Oct-17-2011 By 

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  • Let's give Texas back to Mexico, lets just give it back to its rightful owners NOW!!

    Posted Oct-17-2011 By 

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