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Foreigner saved drowning man with CPR on beach 

Sounds like an Aussie. Average Chinese people don't have CPR training in school. News says his name is Jason, 38, an Australian, working at a joint venture in Yantai, Shangdong.

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2012-08-28 03:46 Source: Volkswagen daily hot topic: Shen Sui Xiangyu

Newspaper Yantai, August 27 - "In the face of the life-saving kindness of foreigners, I think any language are powerless pale, and now I wanted to embrace good under my savior." Today, the hospital ward of the Yantai Development Zone Mr. Chen, the 27-year-old rescued after awakening, filled with emotion.

On the morning of August 26, Mr. Chen in package tours from Hebei Yantai tourism, heard the Development Zone of the beach is very famous, they swim in the sea with your partner. "Close to 11:30, on the sea from the wind, waves growing, I suddenly found a woman companion in the water a bit overwhelmed, swim ring he gave the vote to her ..." Mr. Chen did not swim think of this look flatter ourselves toward the abyss. Seemingly flat on the beach deep groove, step down no neck, the most terrible waves to choke me and pushed me towards the water depths. Shout 'Help' ... "When I hear cries for help, the surrounding tourists have poly up, some ran to find the speedboat, and some make 110,120, was also trying to draw rubber boats into the sea to save people ...... not far from the companions immediately start rescue and shout rescue. Companion water-based is not very good, plus the larger waves rescuer sea after they have all failed.

The fierce urgency this time, I saw the West a few hundred meters from the accident site, a man walked ran behind him followed a golden dog. To the scene of the accident, the man clothes also refused to take off a diving headlong into the sea, and then quickly swim to the drowning person, followed by golden dog. After nearly drowning man, the man right hand from drowning person axillary through the drowned man with his back to himself, then with his left hand and legs struggling to the water to save the drowning person to shallow waters, golden dog has been followed. In this case, three young men wearing swimming trunks came collusion carried out of the sea, the drowning man.

And other rescue those who approached the shore talent surprised to find that, to save people who was actually a "foreigner". When the drowning young flat on the beach, drowning shock helpless some of onlookers. Rescue "foreigner" very calm, I saw him drowning person body side kneel first lateral side of the face, the nose and mouth of the water control, and mouth to mouth and squeezing the chest of the drowned man artificial breathing. After a few minutes of an emergency rescue, "foreigner" finger closer to the temptation of the main artery in the neck of the drowning person pulse, and then say the sound is very standard Chinese saying: "Never mind." People hanging in the heart finally put down. At this point, the companions of the drowned man also loudly calling his name, less than 10 minutes, drowning finally resumed breathing and heartbeat.

At this time, receiving the alarm, 110 police and 120 medical staff rushed to the scene after another, we work together, the drowning youth carried to the ambulance. Drowning person is pulled to the Zone Hospital for treatment.

All wet, "foreigners" no serious problem, a Mengzi headlong into the sea washed away the dirt of the body ashore to see the lives of drowning victims. Rescued by colleagues up to shake hands and "foreigners" thanks, and around the many visitors can not help but to his thumbs. "Foreigners," he kept saying, "You're welcome, you're welcome", followed by the same bedraggled dog quietly left with everyone clapping and cheers.

After making inquiries, the reporter was informed that save people who are Australians, named Jason, a foreign work in Yantai Development Zone.

At 1:00 p.m. on the 27th, at the Sands beach, the reporter saw the brave rescue handsome "foreigners" - 38-year-old Jason. "I only feel that someone needs my help, the other nothing like when the waves too, water urgent ..." Jason told reporters through an interpreter, he was close with what they do best is also the fastest underwater swimming drowning person. "At the time when the men up, he had no pulse and breathing, artificial respiration immediately rescue, a full 8 minutes. Really from the hands of God, he wins back!" When asked Jason aqueous and knowledge of first aid he said with a smile, "I grew up in the school to learn these self-help knowledge, coupled with often swim in Golden Beach, this effort can."

Around 15:20, she was rescued by Mr. Chen brings flowers car came to the beach. "Thank you very much!" "You're welcome, this should!" They hugged, excitement, gratitude and loneliness. Yantai, a beautiful city! Here is not only beautiful scenery, pleasant environment and a better person! "Has spent three years in the zone Jason said. In just an hour, the two hugged each other 10 times.

Mr. Chen body recovery, he said, back home after this special seaside feeling engraved in mind, to pass along this love torch and drive around with their own actions.

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