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Man's private parts severely burned after fiancee set fire on his pants

They were supposed to register at the marriage office that day but the man still slept on the bed when the fiancee was ready to go. She tried to get him out of the bed by setting him on fire, with half bottle of kerosene poured in his pants.

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The people of Changsha, Chiun, and Zhang Yuan (a pseudonym) that the couple finally coming into fruition. However, in preparing to go to Bureau of Civil Affairs of marriages registered in the morning, Jiun stay in bed unwilling to up the anxious Zhang Yuan got lighter fluid in his pajama bottoms down to wake him. With the scream, the tragedy ...

Jiun and Zhang Yuan fell in love a few years ago, after several years of long-distance love, the two sides finally decided to get married, and given to the Civil Affairs Bureau registration at 9:00 am on August 3.

On August 3, Zhang Yuan since got up early, and how they have tried to wake Jiun. The eyes see more than 9:00, Zhang Yuan I was very anxious, trying to shout Jiun several times, can Jiun get up. Subsequently, the adults of both home all over, Zhang Yuansheng gas.

The table stood a bottle of lighter kerosene cans suddenly attracted the attention of Zhang Yuan Yuan Zhang thought of a prank.

Zhang Yuan took the kerosene cans, one opened a quilt, see Jiun lying in bed to sleep in full swing, immediately open the coal tank, poured half a can of on Jiun pajamas.

Lighters, flash fire, the Jiun pajamas "boom" burning up the flame up to a foot.

Less than two seconds, and also among sleep Jiun like a was thrown into a frog in boiling water, after the scream, immediately jumped up, while the screams while slapping ass.

Helpless pants were soaked in kerosene, and how to beat Dounong not extinguishing. At this time, Zhang Yuan shouting, Bena, reach pants off! Jiun immediately scramble to take off pants, but pants are still burning.

Faster you go throw the toilet! See the pants are still severe burning, Zhang Yuan panic, immediately remind Jiun. Jiun on bare lower body, opened the bedroom door to go directly to the toilet.

Jiun home the toilet door, through the living room. Linjun Gang ran out of the bedroom door, they found a familiar face in the living room couch. Hear the sound of the door invariably looked towards the bedroom door, Jiun's mother, aunt, aunt, prospective mother-in-law and other female relatives ...

Is almost a conditioned reflex to Jiun rapidly pants over his own private parts, but he forgot his pants still burning. Subsequently, it is soon the intense screams.

At this point, the living room all the relatives are all stunned, quite a while to react, immediately stepped forward to fire fighting. Finally, take a great effort after the fire extinguished, and seriously injured Jiun was sent to the province of a hospital ICU treatment.

Friends rushed to the hospital to visit, to know things in detail after dumbfounding, comfort is not, do not comfort is not.

She was diagnosed with Jiun severe burns genitals may need skin grafts, and he and Zhang Yuan's marriage the family of the two sides is also coordinating.

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Added: Aug-8-2012 
By: Lake8737
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