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Obama Compares Election to Johnson-Goldwater

President Obama said Tuesday that voters in the 2012 election face the starkest contrast in candidates seen since the 1964 race between Lyndon Johnson and Barry Goldwater.

"This election will probably have the biggest contrast that we've seen maybe since the Johnson-Goldwater election - maybe before that," the president said at an off-camera fundraiser shortly before Rick Santorum announced he was suspending his campaign.

Johnson won the 1964 race by 61 percent of the popular vote, making it the largest Democratic landslide since 1820.

The president's remarks came at the first of three fundraisers in the swing state today. Speaking at a luncheon at the home of Hansel Tookes, former president of Raytheon International, Obama pitched his vision for an America where everyone pays their "fair share."

"My vision … the Democratic vision, is one that says that free market is the key to economic growth; that we don't need to build government just for the sake of expanding its reach; but there are certain things we have to do - whether it's investments in education or basic science and
research or caring for the most vulnerable among us and creating an effective safety net - that we have to do, because we can't do it on our own," he said.

While Obama did not call out GOP front-runner Mitt Romney by name, he argued that Republicans would gut social programs while offering tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans.

"The Republicans in this race, they've got a fundamentally different idea. Their basic deal is that if they dismantle government investments in infrastructure or clean energy research or education, if they give it all away in tax cuts to folks like me and some of you who don't need them and weren't even asking for them, that that somehow makes America stronger. And I fundamentally disagree," he said.

Since he can't run on his own record, they will have to reinvent the boogeyman. Next we will see reruns of the Daisy ad, and comparisons to the past lies about Goldwater. Anything to stay away from comparisons to Jimmy Carter.

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  • 0bama thinks Mt Rushmore should be redone with his face being the only one up there but really he is just a zit on the ass of America that will soon be gone.
    The real problem is the group in the shadows seeking to install Romney as the next joker on the stage to keep their agenda going like they did with 0bama.

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  • Obama wants an America where everyone pays him their fair share for his campaign and slush funds and then when elected he will take American taxpayer money and funnel billions into their worthless and corrupt companies.

    Posted Apr-11-2012 By 

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