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Complaint Alleging Racketeering by Bank of America and Brian Moynihan Pending Before Comptroller of the Currency

Washington DC, May 28 – in letter to Comptroller of the Currency – John Dugan and to Deputy Comptroller – Kevin Bailey, their personal attention was requested in effort to obtain an honest, valid response from the Office of Comptroller of the Currency on complaint #01070442 against Bank of America and its President - Brian Moynihan, where conduct was alleged, which amounted to racketeering. For over two and a half years Bank of America and Countrywide before it employed illicit court appearances by false counsel, who was not counsel of records. It was a repeat of a routine which was rebuked by the Hon Jeff Bohm, US Bankruptcy Judge in Houston Texas, in his March 5, 2008 Memorandum Opinion. [1] Countrywide made promises to Judge Bohm not engage in such fraud in the courtrooms any longer. Regardless, the letter claimed that Bank of America continued the practice to this date at the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, through appearances of false counsel under the false party designation of "NON PARTY" under caption of Samaan v Zernik (SC087400). Such appearances in the past two and a half years were alleged as part of obstruction and extortion. [2] Such conduct was also incompatible with the stated Outside Counsel Procedures of Bank of America. [3] Of particular concern was the fact that whereas such practices were halted under the tenure of Timothy Mayopoulos as General Counsel of Bank of America, they were resumed within 24 hours after the December 10, 2008 ouster of Mr Mayopoulos and the appointment of Brian Moynihan to replace him as General Counsel.
Following long delays in response by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency on Case #01070442, assistance was requested by the Hon Dianne Feinstein, Senator from California. Through the good offices of the Senator, a May 10, 2010 letter was finally obtained from the Comptroller of the Currency, which was purported to be a response on Case #01070442. [4] However, upon review, such response appeared invalid and false on its face, as detailed in the May 28, 2010 letter to the office of the Senator. [5]
Therefore, the help of the good offices of Senator Feinstein was again sought in obtaining a valid, verified response from the Comptroller of the Currency on the complaint against Bank of America and Brian Moynihan, Case #01070442. [5]
The letter to Comptroller Dugan and Deputy Comptroller Bailey was copied to House and Senate Banking Committees. John Dugan and other banking regulators repeatedly promised the US Congress to “shore up” US banking regulation. The letter was also copied to the Basel Accords Committee on international banking. Conduct of the US is claimed to stand contrary to its duties and obligation in international law and accords.
[1] March 5, 2008 Memorandum Opinion by Judge Jeff Bohm - rebuking litigation practices of Countrywide.
[2] May 5, 2010 Countrywide, Bank of America and its President Brian Moynihan - Compilation of Records - Evidence of Racketeering
[3] December 11, 2008 Bank of America Outside Counsel Procedures
[4] May 10, 2010 letter by Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, purported as response on Case #01070442
[5] May 28, 2010 Request filed with Senator Feinstein for help in obtaining a valid, verified response from Comptroller of the Currency on Case #01070442 against Bank of America.

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