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Immigration Reform: Donkeys on the left and RINO’s on the right

Sen. John McCain R-AZ has apparently had enough of the immigration reform debate, at least for now. The long-time Senator, co-sponsor of the McCain-Kennedy: Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act (read Amnesty), is facing a tough primary in Arizona and doesn’t need any more distractions from his attempt to secure another term. It appears he has enlisted the support of his old friend and fellow RINO (Republican In Name Only) Senator Lindsey Graham R-SC to carry the torch on immigration this year. He has also pulled in some chits and now has Sarah Palin trumpeting the immigration bugle for what it is worth.

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Ted Kennedy, the “Liberal Lion” is replaced now by Senator Chuck Schumer D-NY. The pair of Schumer-Graham is reportedly holding closed-door meetings to see if they can slip an immigration bill past the American public this year. Are they kidding? A politician couldn’t slip a blindfolded voter a “mickey” in 2010. Still, someone in some liberal closet somewhere is convinced this idea of Comprehensive Immigration Reform still has legs.

The open borders crowd has finally gotten their collective acts together, even if it is a sideshow, and they are putting a tremendous amount of pressure on the President and Congress to get something done. The President would be wise to table this initiative for a while. With unemployment in the US at alarming levels, could he really withstand the public pressure that a call for Amnesty is sure to provoke? Besides, he, Napolitano and Holder are doing just fine circumventing American immigration laws as they allow some 400,000 future democrats (illegal Haitians) Temporary Protected Status and a likely trip to the head of the immigration line somewhere down the road.

Still Obama and crew are desperate for a victory, any victory, regardless of the damage it might do to the country. We only need look to his recent moves on the financial community to see that. Even Fannie and Freddie are being thrown under the bus by the same Democrats that enable them to fail. Immigration Reform could provide that needed notch in the “W” column but only if it is not “Comprehensive”, which will infuriate the hard left open-borders crowd. They are gearing up for a major assault on the right with RINO’s like Graham all too willing to help them along.

The risks for Obama are monumental of course in either case. His base is already turning against him. Those that voted for “change” haven’t seen much and those that voted for “real change” haven’t seen anything. This administration has been wallowing in a shallow pool of missteps and self-doubt for 365 days. That is what happens when you elect a community organizer who has never run a darn thing into the highest office in the land. By the time Obama figures out what a President is supposed to do, his four years will be up and we’ll be left holding the bag of his inexperience. Pushing for the legalization of twenty-million illegal aliens in this country isn’t likely to get him any points from the electorate at large and is very likely to scuttle what’s left of his Presidency if he loses the battle.

No. Look for a new and invigorated “populist” President to emerge from the smoldering heap of year one. Clinton did it and some of the same people who pulled off that masterful stroke are manipulating the strings here too. Obama will attempt to pacify the left by changing the existing laws and policies around immigration in their favor while telling the voters he is for jobs creation and border security. Shumer and Graham will carry the heavy load of deception in the Senate. Speaker Pelosi has already said she will not touch immigration unless it passes the Senate first and Harry Reid, facing his last term in office if he does, may not have an appetite for this kind of drama in 2010.

Those on the right can only hope that Senator Graham is a secret weapon being skillfully positioned to encourage the Dems’ to take on Comprehensive Immigration Reform NOW when in the wake of a failed healthcare initiative it will most assuredly sink both the bill…and the Presidency.

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By: Rocket_Smoke
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