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American couple adopted 48 abandoned Chinese kids

They sold their property and opened an orphanage in China to adopt handicapped children abandoned by their parents. Now they have 48 kids and a few volunteers working at their home.

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The Sun reporter intern Tao Lin wind could be heard the Debate between

So an American couple, they sold the house the car and all the property, to Fuzhou, China, adopted 26 disabled children. 26 children under the care of them as well as care workers, unimaginable love, they lived happily together.

Recently, the reporter approached the this special big family, visit The Untold Story of them.

26 disabled children happy homes

"HELLO! Hello!" Hostess Deena smiles welcome. She looks 30 years old, yellow brown hair, green eyes, cheerful, very affinity. Behind her is the man of the house, Mike, a 180cm tall handsome middle-aged man.

Deena can use simple Chinese to communicate with reporters sitting in the children around 10:00, first visited the first room on the left hand side, is the language lesson time, very clean room, five children sitting on the floor barefoot, two foreign teachers room, there is a 20-year-old Chinese girl.

Hand, shoulder, knee and toe ... "50-year-old teacher, the body parts of the English word and arranged songs to teach kids singing and understanding of their own body.

"They are volunteers from the United States." Deena introduced them there are foreign teachers but also the Chinese teachers to teach children to learn two languages, after either the Chinese or foreign people adoptions can be quickly integrated into family life .

Five children are very beautiful, about 5 years old, but their words and actions point of view, can feel the difference with the normal children, either tilted his head Man or blanket mouth drool from time to time.

"These kids need love, maybe they learn something a little slower than others, some erratic behavior, but in my mind, they are lovely." Deena said children in one-on-one education Society of simple exchange in two languages ​​and people.

Five children are very beautiful, probably about 5 years old, speak and act, and can feel the difference with the normal children, they either tilted his head Man, or the eyes looking at a place, often out of the mouth of the blanket saliva.

According to Deena introduce, from the beginning of 2005, a severe disability in children arrive in hosting the blind, cerebral palsy, mental retardation, disability ... until now a total of 26 disabled children from a few months old to 14 years old, 16 care workers for their services, and education. Beautiful little girl, the only one on the ground bounce is good cleft lip correction surgery in 2006, she has been an American couple adoption in the near future, she will leave her mother's Deena, and this is just this group of kids more fortunate.

The reporter saw the child's bedroom on the second floor and the third floor, every child has their own bed, the bed filled with dolls. Room, tile bathroom washbasins each faucet below, are plastered with photos of the kids. Hanging on the wall paintings of the children themselves.

"We tried this to create a feeling of home!" Deena said, here are built in accordance with the concept of the family, "and Mike is here the parents of all children." All the furniture is bought in person, decoration are also designed.

Deena said: every child to experience the love of the mother and father, it is our desire, in this place, they can call "home", to take care of the abandoned child abuse and neglect, is our greatest the honor of the best smoking cessation products.

Snatch away the child from the hands of death

Many children on the second floor of a large room, covered with blankets on the ground lying to us, Deena introduced one by one, Mike has been holding a little boy, his name is Caleb Chinese name is unitary Umbro.

Unitary Umbro upper lip, upper jaw split, the upper teeth burst out, saliva stop flowing out from the front teeth, Mike with white gauze wipe. Two hours, Mike also take care of the other children, but always had unitary Umbro.

The According to Deena Introduction, Caleb can not speak, is the first child of a couple of them to China adoptions, adopt him, just born unitary Umbro suffering from cerebral palsy, cleft lip, there is a serious heart disease even tell male or female, the doctor said he was only two years to live. Respect of the last few days, unitary Umbro had just spent four weeks of his birthday.

Currently, the unitary Umbro will not sit up, will not climb, no way to even eat or drink milk. However, his body began to grow stronger and stronger.

The reporters note there is a boy sitting in the corner. He probably two years old, looked handsome, long eyelashes, black eyes thoroughly. He can not stand to sit in a corner, two small fist been clenched. Touch his hand, and he will always smiled at you, like an angel.

According to the "hidden Huiyuan, 2006, Fujian and Yunnan public security departments jointly cracked the case with child trafficking, rescued many children. At that time, the children of a man named Wang Peng police to Fuzhou City Children's Welfare Institute. As the child was in the box for too long, leading to brain hypoxia, lasted half a month's rescue after two provincial top three hospitals, no way, the hospital advised welfare institutions to give up treatment.

After doctors announced the "death" of the child, the orphanage had to pick up the child back. Just Mike & Deena couple came to the orphanage, Taobao men's watches, see Wang Peng.

"Can I do?" Said Deena pointing to Wang Peng, "Let's come to care for him." Then put Wang Peng back to the "hidden Huiyuan, and do their utmost to take care of him.

Today, two years later, Wang Peng can not own activities rely on adults for half an hour or so to help him for once posture. But this is already a miracle.

Sell ​​a house or car family moved to Fuzhou

Many people can not understand, why this American couple to give up foreign superior living conditions came to a strange place, engaged in a difficult career. Some even suspect that they want to trafficking in children, or children to do the test.

Faced with these questions, Deena wire do not mind, she said, they are really sincere love these kids. Deena said, they do not directly from folk to adopt a child, "they are from the Children's Welfare Institute, every child has registered.

This argument has been confirmed by Zhang, vice president of Children's Welfare Institute in Fuzhou. According to Zhang, vice president, Mike & Deena couple since 2005 came to China Fuzhou City Children's Welfare Institute began to volunteer, but also to teach the staff here care knowledge, then they see that many critically ill children need care, they apply for foster care children .

According to Chen Xin, director of the Office of the welfare institutions received foster care, in accordance with the regulations, individuals foster child, a month to get some subsidies from the welfare home, but Mike & Deena couple penny do not.

"Even surgery do not." Said Chen Xin, they are at their own cost to operate on children, "I told them, the invoice to take over, welfare can be partially reimbursed, but they never."

Chen Xin moved most when they require foster children, the orphanage will recommend some pretty good kids, but the couple said: "We are going to need the best care children to help.", So every time a foster child when they will choose a severely disabled child.

It is understood that Mike used to be a doctor, fell in love with Deena in the University and married in 1993. The married life of two sons, a 12-year-old, a 9-year-old. They always love charity, many times to African countries to volunteer.

Philanthropy for some time, they began to think about the two issues, "their children than other people's children is more important?", "Where is the value of life?" After a long time of thinking, they come to the answer: the other people's children and their children is as important as the value of life lies in the need to care for people with a limitless love.

In 2004, the couple came to Hunan, China adopted a little girl will never be the indissoluble bond with China. One year later, they feel more and more cute little girl, and he wanted to help more children. However, they can not be Chinese children are brought to the U.S. custody.

"Not all Chinese children brought to the United States, we can be the family came to China to help them." Mike & Deena couple sold the house in the United States, two luxury cars, as well as all of his possessions, with cash came Fuzhou. Currently, their two children, has been studying in a primary school in Fuzhou.

It comes to their children's future, "they certainly followed us to stay in China, As for the future, it is necessary to wait until they grow up to decide for themselves, and we want them to, when, like us, to stay in China."

Why they are called "hidden benefit Park, car navigation brands ranking, Deena answer is: because children like Caleb, their talent is hidden under their faces, not who can be found only arrive their hearts to find their value.

"Is not just that we can help them, you can help them, if this world, everyone is able to love the cause of a force, the world will be very wonderful." Deena face told reporters, facial demonstrated yearning look.

Fuzhou Children's Welfare Institute

National devaluation family foster care

Yesterday, the reporter on foster care issues received interview Fuzhou Xie Lin, Dean of the Children's Welfare Institute, according to him, he knew Mike & Deena couple's deeds, the orphanage staff are moved by their love.

He said: "This is our closing foster a good supplement."

According to Xie Lin, Fuzhou City Children's Welfare Institute in the provincial Civil Affairs Department, and the Fuzhou City Bureau of Civil Affairs under the care of the community and foreign friends, charitable concern and funded, to become the province of the larger set of "raising, governance, teach, rehabilitation "as one of the child welfare agency, but they always lack the warmth of the family. To solve this problem, after an investigation and demonstration, the first in the country to promote family Send Sponsorship.

As of the end of October 2008, a total of 173 children into foster care, returned to the foster families a month subsidies, and family visits on a regular basis. Dean Xie Lin said, the children's growth can not be separated from family, family foster care form the government civil work, the children of the community need to be diversified, multi-channel rearing, government alone is not enough.

, Mike & Deena couple is also the form of foster care, adoption of 16 children of Children's Welfare Institute, and each are severely disabled, children, and a foster our children's orphanage. They give these children love and family warmth, can make children grow better.

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